Ruby: What about this one?

Ginger: I can recite it from memory.

Ruby: What movie can’t you recite from memory?

Ginger: Rashômon.

Ruby: Because it’s in Japanese?

Ginger: Entirely in Japanese.

Ruby: Right. Do you get my point?

Ginger: …yes. We’ll have to watch a foreign film tonight. How do you feel about French films? There was this one I saw in college about…um…well, it was a French film, so…

Ruby: It was about sex?

Ginger: It was about sex. Actually…I saw that one twice.

Ruby: How could you tell?

Ginger: I remembered the title. I thought it was about cooking the first time, but the second time, I was told the English title.

Ruby: Dare I ask?

Ginger: À bout de souffle.

Ruby: You thought it translated into “About the soufflé,” didn’t you?

Ginger: Turns out – it translates into “Breathless.” Which is weird. It’s four words in French.

Ruby: We’re not watching a French film tonight. Find something you haven’t seen or wouldn’t mind watching again that I haven’t seen.

Ginger: …can’t we just watch the movie I brought with me?

Ruby: For the last time, NO.

Ginger: It’s October! You have to watch a scary movie at least once in this month or else they win!

Ruby: Who wins just because I won’t watch The Cabin In the Woods?!

Ginger: THEY do! The mysterious THEY who run the entire show!

Ruby: I don’t care, then. They can win.

Ginger: …I came prepared, you know.

Ruby: You always do.

Ginger: If you won’t watch The Cabin In the Woods, then at least let me introduce you to the glory that is…….SLiTHER!

Ruby: I’ve seen the zombie-deer scene. I don’t need to see anything else.

Ginger: RUBY! This is a wonderful classic that will someday be discussed as frequently as Star Wars or Gone with the Wind!

Ruby: When that day comes, I’ll watch it.

Ginger: The Village?

Ruby: Is that the one with the red cloaked creatures who show up conveniently whenever someone wants to leave the village and head to another town?

Ginger: …it is so much more than that description, Ruby.

Ruby: You’re hurt by my description of the movie?

Ginger: A little, yes.

Ruby: I’m still not watching any of the movies you brought.

Ginger: Beetlejuice?

Ruby: Fly? Are you done making the popcorn? Ginger finally made a reasonable choice…

Fly: Really? That was faster than I expected. What did we choose?

Ruby: Beetlejuice.

Ginger: Shh! Don’t say it again!

Ruby: Say what again?

Fly: Beetlejuice?

Beetlejuice: It’s showtime!

Ruby: Had I known she brought the action figure, I wouldn’t have agreed to this.

Fly: Good to know for next time.


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