Why Is There A MONDAY?!

Ginger: Why is there a MONDAY?

Ruby: Because if it wasn’t here, you’d complain about Tuesday.

Ginger: Tuesday can be defeated. Monday is undeniably awful and horrid and merciless.

Ruby: Tuesday can only be defeated because you manage – somehow – to get through Monday. Remember, Ginger, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Ginger: But I don’t want to be stronger! I want to be lazy and relaxed and comfortable!

Ruby: And yet you continue to get up and be stronger each Monday by rising to the challenge as it presents itself.

Ginger: Well, yeah, if I didn’t, it tends to block my view. I wasn’t raised in a house full of bajillions of siblings only to allow a day to block my view now.

Ruby: You don’t have bajillions of siblings. I’ve met your siblings.

Ginger: Not all of them.

Ruby: Yes, all of them.

Ginger: …really?

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: …you only met the biological siblings. Each one of us brought home multiple strays. You couldn’t possibly have met all of those siblings.

Ruby: As one of those “stray siblings” myself, I’m going to allow you to use that term.

Ginger: Thank you.

Ruby: And, more to the point, you’re right. I have not met all the strays. I understand there were many more before I was unofficially adopted by your parents and there have been many since.

Ginger: …honestly, I don’t know if I know all of my stray siblings…

Ruby: Well, at least there’s Thanksgiving, where you can meet them all under one roof again.

Ginger: Yes, there is that to look forward to. Plus, you and Fly will be there to meet all of the other stray siblings, too!

Ruby: Ginger…I told you…we won’t be at your parents’ Thanksgiving this year. We’re going to Fly’s parents’ house.

Ginger: Are you seriously throwing that whole “now that you’re married, you get to start your own traditions” thing in my face??

Ruby: Only if you stare it down. I had planned a bucket-balanced-on-the-door scenario, which meant I was dousing you in it. But, now you’ve gone and ruined that surprise.

Ginger: Wait – I like surprises! Don’t tell me which door it is! I’ll go try them all!!

Ruby: …did you know you’re more gullible on Mondays?



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