Ruby: Yes!

Ginger: What?

Ruby: Oh – nothing, I just won the level.

Ginger: Oh. Hey, how many times can I put a four here?

Ruby: …that’s Sudoku…

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: You…filled the square with fours.

Ginger: Yeah, but it’s cool, because there’s nine squares inside that square and there was already a four there, so now I know where all the fours go.

Ruby: That’s not how Sudoku works…

Ginger: I think you tried telling me that before, but I like locking all the fours into one square. They cause less trouble this way.

Ruby: Ginger, you’re supposed to spread them out across the grid…

Ginger: I think that your computer is talking to you…

Ruby: Give me the Sudoku…why do you insist on doing these in permanent marker?

Ginger: I like the way the color pops. Seriously, your computer is demanding you either pay taxes or start a war.

Ruby: Urgh! Why do you do this all the time? Now I have to retrace the whole grid again…where is my graph paper?

Ginger: Can I start a war with your computer?

Ruby: What? Yeah, fine, just don’t lose the war…

Ginger: Okay. Who am I fighting?

Ruby: The…computer’s version of bad guys?

Ginger: Did they do something terrible?

Ruby: Yes. They cancelled the computer’s version of Firefly.


Ruby: Yeah, I know.

Ginger: They’re defeated. Ooh! I was given spoils of war!

Ruby: Why did you put all the fives and twos in one square together?

Ginger: They wanted to have a party together.

Ruby: You can’t fit all nine of either number into the same square…there’s five fives and four twos in here!

Ginger: Well, yeah. It’d be weird for there to be four fives and five twos.

Ruby: What?

Ginger: Four is divisible by two; five is divisible by five.

Ruby: But the other square will have five twos and four fives.

Ginger: No, I don’t let that happen. Wait, did you let that happen?

Ruby: No, I followed the actual rules of Sudoku.

Ginger: That’s so weird…

Ruby: Yeah. Hey, wait, what did you do with the game?

Ginger: I just renamed your cities. It’s no biggie.

Ruby: Why did you name them all after characters from Firefly?

Ginger: It’s psychological warfare. I’m taking down the last remnants of your enemies by showing them how amazing Firefly is.

Ruby: …you know I lied about the computer’s version of bad guys, right?

Ginger: Don’t care. I’m winning.

Ruby: You’re…actually winning.

Ginger: You should probably finish that Sudoku.

Ruby: …you did this on purpose, didn’t you? You just wanted to be able to rename my cities.

Ginger: …was it that obvious?

Ruby: Actually? Not that obvious.

Ginger: YAY! I’m learning!!

Ruby: …yeah, that’s what we needed to teach you.


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