Creamy Nuggets in Buffalo, France

Ginger: Ruby, what part of the chicken is the ‘nugget’?

Ruby: The part you’re eating, Ginger.

Ginger: Where does Buffalo sauce come from?

Ruby: It comes from the little bucket in front of you.

Ginger: Did French fries actually from France?

Ruby: The fries you’re eating came from the fryer in the back of the kitchen. I’m guessing.

Ginger: Does cream soda actually have cream in it?

Ruby: Why are you questioning everything you’re eating?

Ginger: Would you believe I’m starting to take an interest in an old adage?

Ruby:  Which adage?

Ginger: You are what you eat.

Ruby: So…how are you interpreting this?

Ginger: Currently, I’m a French nugget in Buffalo with a creamy filling. I think.

Ruby: Really? That’s what you got from your meal?

Ginger: Why? What do you get from it?

Ruby: You’re confused. And mildly unhealthy.

Ginger: Only mildly?

Ruby: If taken on a regular basis? Yes.

Ginger: I don’t eat chicken nuggets that often.

Ruby: Really? Then how did the fry cook know you by name? And refer to your order as the Ginger Special?

Ginger: …he’s psychic?

Ruby: Yes. I’m sure that’s completely true.

Ginger: Well, I am guessing here. Maybe he has a photographic memory.

Ruby: Right. Because that’s also completely understandable.

Ginger: I know – it’s weird. Why would someone with a photographic memory work as a fry cook?

Ruby: That is the question running around in my head right about now.

Ginger: Unless…maybe it brings him joy.

Ruby: I’m sure that’s what the reason is.

Ginger: Just saying.

Fry Cook: Hey, Ginger, I put an order of deep-fried cheesecake bites on the side for you.

Ginger: Hey, thanks! Say hi to the family for me!

Fry Cook: Absolutely! Hey, thanks for watching the kids last week!

Ginger: Any time! Tell Debbie she has to see the latest episode of Forever so we can discuss!

Fry Cook: I’ll let her know.

Ginger: …what?

Ruby: Nothing. Nothing at all.

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    • I agree! Everyone likes to be welcomed in familiar places. So, welcome! Take a look around and kick back! Enjoy! Please wash your own coffee mug out, though. I hate doing dishes… 🙂

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