Hallowhat now?

Ginger: Trick or treat!

Ruby: …what are you dressed as?

Ginger: I’m dressed as you!

Ruby: How, exactly?

Ginger: Well, I have your shoes on, I did my hair the way you did on your wedding day – which meant I had to get a veil – and I’m wearing a jacket like you do.

Ruby: You’re wearing a veil, my shoes and a jacket that looks nothing like any of my coats.

Ginger: It’s the effort that counts.

Ruby: No it isn’t.

Ginger: It might be.

Ruby: It isn’t.

Ginger: It could be.

Ruby: That’s not even how I wore my hair on my wedding day!

Ginger: It’s how I remember it.

Ruby: …because there’s a veil?

Ginger: Is the rest important?

Ruby: You realized it was Halloween this morning and you hadn’t made a real costume yet. Am I right?

Ginger: Partly that and partly because I had to help a friend this morning.

Ruby: Doing what?

Ginger: She wanted to practice doing hair for a wedding this weekend. My hair is the same length as the bride’s and she didn’t want to freak the bride out.

Ruby: So…are you wearing someone else’s veil?

Ginger: Well, it’s not like I own one already…

Ruby: Do you have to get it back to the bride before tomorrow?

Ginger: Nope. This one came from a zombie bride costume set.

Ruby: Why didn’t you go as a zombie bride?

Ginger: They caught onto me at the office. Wedding dresses are officially banned from “appropriate office attire.” So is pleather, for some reason…

Ruby: You have such weird habits.

Ginger: I was not responsible for the pleather ruling.

Ruby: Did they make a ruling about bunny ears?

Ginger: Sort of…the rule says something about “the only tolerated attachment to any headband is a bow that is smaller than the head upon which the headband rests.”

Ruby: I repeat. You have such weird habits.

Ginger: You hang out with me.

Ruby: Touché.

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