They Were In Luh-uhv!

Ginger: Hey, Ruby, really quick – can I…

Ruby: Ginger, hang on, I’m on the phone.

Ginger: Yeah, but I just—

Ruby: Shh! No, not you, Ted. I was talking to…a…rabbit…?

Ginger: You’re terrible at charades. This is clearly me asking if you want to see a movie tonight.

Ruby: …yeah. I’ll get that to you Monday, Ted. Thanks. Bye.

Ginger: Ted? Ted Mosby? YOU KNOW TED MOSBY?!

Ruby: I had to finish a phone call first. I was talking to someone named Ted. No, his last name is not Mosby.

Ginger: Is his full name Theodore?

Ruby: …possibly?

Ginger: Is he a chipmunk with two brothers and, in their youth, performed in a band, famous for a specific Christmas-related-song?

Ruby: No.

Ginger: I’m going to pretend he is a chipmunk. And that he does have two brothers. And that, in their youth, they were in a band.

Ruby: You know you have serious issues, right?

Ginger: But they were preceded and overshadowed by those hacks, Alvin and The Chipmunks.

Ruby: Hacks? You sing that song every Black Friday.

Ginger: So Theodore and his two brothers, Murray and Franklin, turned to thrash metal instead.

Ruby: There was no other option available to…talking chipmunks?

Ginger: No. And, to make it worse…

Ruby: Does it have to be worse? I work with this man…

Ginger: It was not a happy time for the brothers, as Murray grew addicted to pumpkin seeds and Franklin came to think he was being held back by the band – mostly because his girlfriend, Lola, told him as much.

Ruby: Lola? Her name was Lola?

Ginger: Yes. Her name was Lola.

Ruby: She wore yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there, I’ll bet.

Ginger: But she had never even seen the Copacabana and she was never showgirl material.

Ruby: Well, not when she’s dating a thrash metal band member. Obviously.

Ginger: Lola never understood Theodore’s jokes or references, and soon the brothers weren’t speaking to each other off stage and rarely onstage. Franklin and Lola ran off one night to get married, but Lola was seen wandering down the street in a daze, holding a bloody acorn and muttering something about music and fashion were all of his passion before they found Franklin’s corpse in a gutter. Lola still claims her innocence from behind bars.

Ruby: Oh, wow. You just…never stop to think about what things come out of your mouth, do you?

Ginger: That was really the end of the band, as you can understand.

Ruby: What? Seriously? I was going to run right out and find all of their records and play them every night for Fly so he can sleep soundly.

Ginger: Well, you might be able to see Murray crooning into a microphone on karaoke nights in a dump dive of a bar, but only if you can fit inside the door.

Ruby: What?

Ginger: Well, yeah. He’s a chipmunk, Ruby. Seriously.

Ruby: So, you wanted to see a movie?

Ginger: Oh, yeah! Let’s go see a movie tonight!

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