The 6th Lady in the Unbreakable Water Village

Ginger: Sigh.

Ruby: …what?

Ginger: Heavy Sigh.

Ruby: Yes, because that made it so much clearer.

Ginger: I know. You’re heartbroken. I understand. Have chocolate.

Ruby: What TV show was cancelled this time?

Ginger: They announced cancellations? Where? Is it online already? Why do you toy with me?!

Ruby: I was guessing why you’re heartbroken. I never know when the TV shows are cancelled before you.


Ruby: Mostly because it’s fun.

Ginger: I repeat: Heavy Sigh.

Ruby: And I repeat: …what?

Ginger: All my Halloween candy is gone.

Ruby: Yes. And we’re all very happy your sugar high is finally over.

Ginger: But all my Halloween candy is gone.

Ruby: You know, most people buy bags of candy to give OUT to Trick-or-Treaters. Not to eat entire bags by yourself while watching M. Night Shyamalan marathons.

Ginger: But if you eat a piece of candy every time you see something in a primary color on the screen and reduce the time between movies to under a minute, it becomes one long film with an incredible plot…until the twist ending hits. Then you’re just grateful you’re barely able to sit still through The Happening.

Ruby: Does the sugar high help that one make sense?

Ginger: Not really.

Ruby: Okay. But you had to watch it anyway?

Ginger: I keep hoping I’ll find the right combination of movies and sugar.

Ruby: Is the amount of sugar expected to rise over the years?

Ginger: It’s a delicate balance, Ruby. You have to know when to put that last piece down on the coffee table and moan piteously.

Ruby: Obviously.

Ginger: It helps when I dial your number in my sugar-shocked-state-of-mind and you don’t hang up on me laughing.

Ruby: I’ll try to do better next year.

Ginger: I appreciate that.


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