Don’t Point Out the Waterfall.

Ginger: Do you know what I never tire of?

Ruby: Asking me rhetorical questions?

Ginger: Well, that, too…

Ruby: No, Ginger, please tell me. What is it you never tire of?

Ginger: I never tire of good time spent with good friends.

Ruby: That’s sweet.

Ginger: Thank you.

Ruby: Also…bizarre.

Ginger: Why?

Ruby: Because we’re stuck in traffic and we’re going to miss the movie if we don’t start moving soon.

Ginger: There will be another showing eventually.

Ruby: We are still stuck in traffic.

Ginger: It won’t last forever.

Ruby: You are very zen today.

Ginger: I am in this moment.

Ruby: Just in this moment?

Ginger: Well, I figure one of us should remain calm no matter what.

Ruby: No matter what?

Ginger: No matter what.

Ruby: What is that supposed to mean?

Ginger: It means I just noticed that your water bottle is empty.

Ruby: …okay?

Ginger: How long do you think we’re going to be stuck in this traffic?

Ruby: A long while. What does that…oh… Oh, no…

Ginger: Yes. So I’ll remain calm…

Ruby: …while my bladder goes into panic mode?!

Ginger: Pretty much.

Ruby: Where’s the nearest exit?

Ginger: Four miles behind us or three and three fourths in front of us. But we’d need to actually move in order to get to it.

Ruby: You know, I probably wouldn’t suddenly have to go if you hadn’t pointed out the empty water bottle!

Ginger: Yeah. I know. Good times with good friends.

Ruby: I will get you back for this…

Ginger: Yeah. I know. I think this might be worth it, though…


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