Turkeys FIRST.

Ruby: Good morning, this is Ruby…


Ruby: …is it time for a hearing aid? You don’t need to shout into the phone…

Ginger: Sorry. I am just really frustrated with the fact that all the ads are claiming it is Christmastime and I know that we have not yet celebrated Thanksgiving.

Ruby: I understand. But yelling at me will not make them hear you.

Ginger: Are you very sure?

Ruby: I am very sure.

Ginger: But there are so many ads! Someone nearby must hear and write it down and go back to the little cave where the imps and creatures of slime and darkness write up ads and report that I said to knock that off!

Ruby: I thought this was what you wanted, though.

Ginger: What? When?

Ruby: Isn’t there that song you sing each December about wishing that everyday could be like Christmas?

Ginger: …this is not what that song meant, Ruby.

Ruby: Are you sure?

Ginger: This is not what every day being like Christmas would be like at all.

Ruby: Because no one is handing you a box with a large red ribbon on it?

Ginger: Because this is like what every day being three days before Christmas would be like. Commercials yelling at me about how much I need to spend on people I barely know in order to get things back from people who barely know me.

Ruby: …darn.

Ginger: What? Were you working while I was lamenting? Typing while I was talking? How dare you?

Ruby: You watch TV while playing on your iPad while texting your brothers while I talk to you!

Ginger: …so?

Ruby: sigh. I was not working. I was saying ‘darn’ because you actually had a point and a valid one and it’s so rare that I had to stop mocking you.

Ginger: …see, THIS is like Christmas. You just gave me the bestest present ever!

Ruby: I admitted you had a point, didn’t I?

Ginger: YES!

Ruby: …darn.

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