Look Out! It’s Logic!

Ginger: Ruby…what are you doing?

Ruby: I’m making dinner.

Ginger: With…vegetables?

Ruby: Yes, Ginger. With vegetables.

Ginger: Why?

Ruby: Because vegetables are part of a healthy dinner.

Ginger: Why do you think I would eat a healthy vegetable-filled dinner?

Ruby: Because they’re…pies?

Ginger: You have told me for years that pie is not a healthy dinner!

Ruby: Fruit pies are not healthy dinners by themselves. These pies – shepherd’s pies – are healthy dinners by themselves. Mostly.

Ginger: Pies should taste like good things like Happiness, Summer, Fireflies in the Backyard, Smiles…

Ruby: Hold up. Did you just say pies should taste like Firefly?

Ginger: No. Wow, you have a one-track mind, you know that? I mean, I can’t go one full conversation without you bringing up that wonderful TV show. I…wait…

Ruby: Yes?

Ginger: It’s usually me who brings up Firefly, right?

Ruby: Yes. Yes, it is.

Ginger: Wow, you hang out with me way too much.

Ruby: Clearly.

Ginger: For the record, I said pies should taste like Fireflies in the Backyard. An image from my youth in which I chased and caught fireflies and put them into Mason jars that had holes poked into the lids so that they could breathe.

Ruby: When would you do this?

Ginger: In summertime, just as the sun goes down usually. Then we would play a game called Ghosts In The Graveyard. It was like Hide and Seek, but in darkness.

Ruby: So, to summarize, pies should taste like your favorite summertime evening activity?

Ginger: Yes. Basically.

Ruby: So, pies should taste like…Twilight.

Ginger: …you take that back.


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