Selling Pi Isn’t That Hard…

Ruby: Ginger, are you home?

Ginger: I’m still not speaking to you.

Ruby: Really? You’re not speaking to me?

Ginger: Nope. Not since you compared pies to sparkly vampires.

Ruby: I only used what you taught me.

Ginger: I never taught you to use Word Math against me!

Ruby: What was I supposed to do? You use it against me all the time. I learn by example, Ginger.

Ginger: You do not! You learn by books, by rote and by visual aid!

Ruby: Says you. And only you.

Ginger: And your mother.

Ruby: When did you last talk to my mother?

Ginger: It was Thanksgiving. I had to do something while pretending I was too busy to help with the food.

Ruby: Why didn’t you just help with the – never mind. I’ve had your cooking.

Ginger: I know, right?

Ruby: Oh, speaking of which, I came over to eat the leftovers your sister said she sent with you specifically for me.

Ginger: Yeah, there’s something with chick peas and orange chunks in the fridge for you.

Ruby: You should really work on your salesmanship.

Ginger: You should really work on taking smelly food things out of my fridge.

Ruby: Yeah, okay.

Ginger: Do you promise to never compare delicious pies to twinkly teen pop fads ever again?

Ruby: Not really.

Ginger: Do you at least pretend to promise?

Ruby: Why?

Ginger: I have homemade apple pie from my sister.

Ruby: I promise to not compare delicious pie from your sister’s kitchen to twinkly teen pop fads.

Ginger: I’ll take it.

Ruby: And so will I.

Ginger: Just half.

Ruby: …fine.

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