Not All Fortune Cookie Games End Like That.

Ginger: Thanks for bringing over dinner, Rubes.

Ruby: Absolutely. It was Fly’s idea.

Fly: It was on the way and Ruby talked about sesame chicken all day.

Ginger: I like sesame chicken.

Ruby: We could tell – Fly, did you even get any of the sesame chicken?

Fly: I’m good.

Ginger: Ooh! Time for fortune cookies!

Ruby: “You will go far with your attitude.”

Fly: Really? Does your attitude make travel plans often?

Ginger: I thought your attitude was offering to pay for your travel plans. It’s pretty nice of your attitude to do that. Mine never does.

Fly: Mine either. I’m a little jealous of Ruby’s relationship with her attitude now.

Ginger: Her sugar-attitude, you mean.

Ruby: Ha ha. You’re both hilarious. Fly, what’s your fortune?

Fly: “Joy is contagious.”

Ginger: Who is Joy and what does she have?

Ruby: Does Joy work at the fortune cookie fortune writing plant and was the writer of your fortune trying to secretly get the word out?

Fly: I’m concerned – I work with a Joy at the hospital. I’ll have to ask her what she’s got.

Ginger: Ask her if she moonlights at a fortune cookie fortune writing factory, too. We have to be sure of all avenues.

Fly: Good point. Ginger, what’s your fortune?

Ginger: “That wasn’t chicken.”

Ruby: Ha, ha. Again.

Ginger: I’m not kidding.

Fly: Seriously?

Ginger: Why would I lie about a fortune cookie fortune?!

Ruby: Let me see that – Ginger, this says “Others are inspired by your positive spirit!”

Ginger: Yeah, but what I read was “That wasn’t chicken.”

Fly: Why would you lie about a fortune cookie fortune?

Ginger: …for the fun of it. Duh.

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