Ginger: What is wrong with your DVR?

Ruby: Oh, no – what did it do this time?

Ginger: It deleted recordings you had.

Ruby: No! It couldn’t have! What show? NCIS?

Ginger: No.

Ruby: Covert Affairs?

Ginger: Nope.

Ruby: Not White Collar – I still haven’t caught up from two weeks ago!

Ginger: Worse. Your DVR didn’t record or deleted the recordings of…The Librarians.

Ruby: No! Not….wait. What?

Ginger: I know! It’s evil! You don’t have The Librarians on your DVR!

Ruby: …I didn’t set up the DVR to record The Librarians.

Ginger: …why not?

Ruby: Because I have a lot of TV to watch already and—

Ginger: White Collar is ending, Ruby. The Librarians is just beginning.

Ruby: I do actually get to choose what’s on my DVR, you know.

Ginger: That’s weird – who told you that? Your husband?

Ruby: No, I did. I get to choose what shows I watch and DVR and enjoy.

Ginger: Since when?

Ruby: …seriously?

Ginger: I have led you to amazing shows and you’re just ignoring my recommendations now? Suddenly and without warning?

Ruby: Okay, seriously – I Get To Choose My Own Shows To Watch.

Ginger: No You Don’t.

Ruby: Since when?

Ginger: Since you met me! Who introduced you to Chuck?

Ruby: …you did…

Ginger: Who got you to sit down and watch Firefly?

Ruby: That was also you.

Ginger: Who told you that White Collar was entertaining and smart?

Ruby: …it was probably you.

Ginger: Who convinced you to watch Castle?

Ruby: You. But, you also tried to get me to watch Supernatural, which didn’t stick.

Ginger: Who was it that convinced you to watch Leverage?

Ruby: …in the long run, you could say it was your brother, since he told you it looked interesting.

Ginger: But who sat there with you and watched the pilot of Leverage?

Ruby: …it was you.

Ginger: And what was on just before Leverage premiered?

Ruby: I don’t remember…

Ginger: It was The Librarian and the Curse of the Judas Chalice!

Ruby: Wow. You remember that?

Ginger: We were sitting on your couch. We giggled over the jokes, groaned at the awful jokes, cheered on Flynn Carsen in his low moments, wondered why the vampire’s clothing disappeared with her at sunrise since her necklace was still there at the end and discussed how you had to sober up before you drove me home.

Ruby: Seriously, how do you remember all that?

Ginger: I also remember we had Thai for dinner that night and that Fly was working on a project in the other room and kept asking what was so funny. We’d explain and he would ask “No, seriously, why is that funny?” and we would tell him he wouldn’t understand until he got into the spirit of the thing and watch the first two Librarian movies.

Ruby: I have a vague memory of that…

Ginger: And then Leverage started and we didn’t get up. We pointed out all the obvious points that indicated it was filmed in Chicago.

Ruby: That’s right…because the pilot was filmed there, wasn’t it?

Ginger: Yup. And I pointed out that I had apparently walked right past them filming it and didn’t realize it. And that I knew one of the extras. And that Christian Kane was in Angel and I kept calling him Lindsay because of it.

Ruby: …wow.

Ginger: And now, I call him Eliot. Because of Leverage.

Ruby: Did you remember to water your plants this morning?

Ginger: No. And now, Christian Kane is in a new show that combines EVERYTHING that is GOOD in that STORY. And you didn’t DVR it?

Ruby: I don’t have to DVR everything you tell me to watch!

Ginger: YES YOU DO! Who told you that you have free TV will? They LIED!

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: If this show doesn’t get at least five seasons, I’m blaming you.

Ruby: I get to choose what I watch!

Ginger: NO YOU DON’T!

Ruby: …what if I just DVR it and let you come over and watch it for me on my TV? Will that make you happy?

Ginger: Doesn’t it always?

Ruby: …fine. Set it up.

Ginger: I don’t know why you tried arguing.

Ruby: I don’t know, either.


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