Mulled Mm…

Ginger: Why is shopping so incredibly agonizing right now??

Ruby: …because it’s last minute Christmas shopping season?

Ginger: Hasn’t the rest of the world figured out what online shopping is yet?

Ruby: …no.

Ginger: Ugh.

Ruby: Seconded. Have some mulled wine.

Ginger: Mm.

Ruby: Seconded.

Ginger: Thirded.

Ruby: …you can’t “thirded” the mulled wine – you said “Mm” and I seconded…ed…it.

Ginger: You’re saying I can’t third my statement because I firsted my statement?

Ruby: I’m saying…mulled wine is good.

Ginger: Seconded.

Ruby: Also, “thirded” isn’t a word.

Ginger: But seconded is?

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: What about “firsted?”

Ruby: Nope. Not a word.

Ginger: You should have more mulled wine.

Ruby: …why?

Ginger: Because then your vocabulary will be more open to suggestions.

Ruby: Ah. There’s a flaw in your ultimate plan.

Ginger: No, there isn’t.

Ruby: Yes. Yes, there is.

Ginger: What flaw?

Ruby: If I drink more mulled wine, I won’t be able to drive you home and you’ll have to go out to the very cold outside and wait for the bus or the train or the cab, depending on what you choose as your transportation home tonight.

Ginger: That’s not a flaw.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: See that bag over there?

Ruby: …yes…?

Ginger: It’s an overnight bag.

Ruby: Ah.

Ginger: You mentioned making mulled wine last night.

Ruby: Oh yeah…

Ginger: My ultimate plan is flawless.

Ruby: Seconded.

Ginger: Thirded.


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