Checklist Unchecked.

Ginger:  Okay, so you have everything?

Ruby: I…think so… Yes. I think I have everything.

Ginger:  Keys?

Ruby: Check.

Ginger:  Directions?

Ruby: Check.

Ginger:  Paperwork in case SkyNet takes over and all electronic records go poof?

Ruby: Check.

Ginger:  List of approved movies?

Ruby: Check. Still don’t know why that had to be on the final checklist, but I do have it.

Ginger: I can’t allow you to terrify yourself when I’m not there to say “No, Rubes, you won’t like that movie.”

Ruby: Buried is on here.

Ginger: There is no excessive amount of bloodshed in the movie. Isn’t that your big rule?

Ruby: You wouldn’t allow me to close windows for a week after you saw the movie because you were certain we would never get out.

Ginger: I don’t see your point.

Ruby: …you don’t even own the movie!

Ginger:  Well…it looks like you have everything you need.

Ruby: Your turn.

Ginger:  Okay.

Ruby: Travel sized items?

Ginger:  …ooh…um…I think they’re over there somewhere…

Ruby: Plenty of underthings?

Ginger:  I have to do laundry first…

Ruby: Travel itinerary?

Ginger:  Oh! I forgot to print it off!

Ruby: Passport?

Ginger:  Um…in there…? Maybe?

Ruby: I don’t think you’re ready to go.

Ginger:  I have some time.

Ruby: You have three days.

Ginger:  That’s plenty of time.

Ruby: …this is where we differ.

Ginger:  Thanks for watching my place while I’m gone. It really takes a load off my mind.

Ruby: You know you should really pack at some point before the plane takes off.

Ginger:  Oh, blah, blah, blah. That’s the boring way to travel.

Ruby: I’m so scared for the countries you’re visiting…


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