Travelling Alone May Cause Sleep Deprivation

Ruby: H’llo?

Ginger: I’m glad I called when you were awake. I hate it when I get time zones all wackadoo.

Ruby: It’s…what?

Ginger: I’m just waiting for my next flight and wanted to see how your Boxing Day was going.

Ruby: Boxing…huh? Are you at a boxing match?

Ginger: No – isn’t it Boxing Day? You’re the one with all the Canadian friends…

Ruby: How did you…Ginger?

Ginger: Uh. Yeah.

Fly: Tell her it’s two forty five A. M. Not P.M.

Ruby: Where are you?

Ginger: I’m in the airport. Are you drunk? Is that a Boxing Day tradition?

Fly: Tell her she got the time change wrong. AGAIN.

Ruby: Why are…who’s drunk?

Ginger: This is like when I called you two days ago and you were drunk on Christmas Eve. I think you’re just drinking without me. Which is a shame, since you know I like whiskey, too.

Ruby: I wasn’t drunk on – Ginger? Why Are You Calling Me At TWO FORTY SIX IN THE MORNING?!

Ginger: …son of a monkey’s uncle…I did it again, didn’t I?

Fly: I have to get up for work in two hours. Tell her you’re hanging up.

Ruby: Ginger, you have got to learn how to do the math for the time difference.

Ginger: You usually do that for me.

Ruby: But I’m not there. I’m here. And still sleeping.

Ginger: You take a really long time to wake up, y’know that?

Ruby: Only when woken from a sound sleep.

Ginger: But you’re awake now, right?

Ruby: We’re not doing this again.

Ginger: But I’m bored. And you’re all awake now.

Ruby: I’m not awake. I’m sleeping. Soundly.

Fly: Hang up the phone and stop lying to her.

Ruby: Fly wants to sleep, Ginger, and I can’t blame him.

Ginger: Fine. G’nite Fly. Ruby and I are going into the living room so she can tell me what’s on TV now that’s she’s way too awake to get back to sleep.

Ruby: …I hate that you’re right.


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