Dishes Do Not Need Agitation

Ruby: Hello?

Fly: Hi, Ruby, just wanted to let you know I’m on my way home…

Ruby: Oh, good. How was your day?

Fly: Meh. The usual. Rounds, research, repeat. You?

Ruby: Similar. I got home a little while ago and started sorting the laundry.

Fly: Oh. Do we have dinner plans?

Ruby: Why?

Fly: I thought we could go out to dinner – just the two of us.

Ruby: So, really, you were asking if I had made anything for dinner yet.

Fly: Yes. Essentially.

Ruby: No, I hadn’t started anything for dinner yet.

Fly: Okay. So, dining out then?

Ruby: Yes. Oh! There’s a postcard from Ginger on the kitchen table.

Fly: The call broke up for a moment – what about Ginger’s kitchen table?

Ruby: There’s a POSTCARD from GINGER on OUR kitchen table.

Fly: Ah. How’s her trip going?

Ruby: Was that a question about her hip?

Fly: I think this is becoming a bad connection…

Ruby: The postcard mentions eating a lot of new dishes.

Fly: What did you just say?

Ruby: I’m having trouble hearing you – did you hear what I said about Ginger trying new dishes?

Fly: Is that a good idea?

Ruby: Is what a good idea? Ginger likes new dishes. But only in foreign countries, for some reason.

Fly: OH! That’s not what I heard.

Ruby: What did you hear?

Fly: I thought you asked if the washing machine does dishes.

Ruby: Why would I put dishes in the washing machine? The washing machine is down in the basement – I would have to take loads of dishes all the way downstairs instead of in the machine that is right here!

Fly: Why is that your first reason to not put dishes in the WASHING MACHINE?!

Ruby: Why were you asking about washing machines in the first place?

Fly: You said something about laundry earlier!

Ruby: SO?!

Fly: …you just miss talking to Ginger, don’t you?

Ruby: It’s so weird to not hear from her at least once a day. It’s like I’m forgetting how to hold absurd conversations or something.

Fly: I’m sure she misses you, too.


* * *

Ginger: So, then, I told her she’s not the boss of me and that I can get another tattoo if I feel like it and do you know what she did then? Do you?

Waiter: Пожалуйста, прекратите говорить и оплатить счет, так что я могу идти домой.

Ginger: …I miss Ruby…


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