Postmarked From The Heart

Ruby: Hello?

Elle: Hi, Ruby, it’s Elle.

Ruby: Oh, hi! How’s it going?

Elle: Fine. How have you been?

Ruby: Pretty good. Didn’t Ginger say you met someone?

Elle: Yeah – he’s great. We should all get together or something…

Ruby: That sounds like fun. Maybe when Ginger gets back from her trip, we can all get together and see a movie.

Elle: Yeah – that sounds great! So…speaking of Ginger…

Ruby: She sent you a postcard asking you to check in on me, didn’t she?

Elle: She sent five.

Ruby: Wow. She sent Fly three.

Elle: She asked your husband to check in on you?

Ruby: More like she sent him scripts of what to say in case I am, let’s see…I think she said I might be “weeping myself to sleep due to a lack of Ginger on a regular basis.”

Elle: Wow. Someone has a high opinion of herself.

Ruby: At least she cares, right?

Elle: Yeah, that’s what we’re going with.

Ruby: …how did she get five postcards to you already?

Elle: I’m pretty sure she mailed three of them before she left.

Ruby: How can you be sure?

Elle: Postmark is from the airport.

Ruby: Well, no one said she doesn’t think her insanity through.

Elle: So, you can let her know I checked in on you when she asks.

Ruby: Yeah.

Elle: You know she will ask, right?

Ruby: I know.

Elle: …out of curiosity…did you get any postcards from her about checking in on me?

Ruby: I got two a week when she first moved out of the apartment you shared, but because I didn’t do anything about it, she told me that task would never fall to me again.

Elle: Makes sense.

Ruby: …but she did send me two postcards saying if I didn’t check in on you, I wouldn’t get the extra special present she bought for me.

Elle: Were you going to check in on me?

Ruby: The postmark on both postcards were from her parents’ house. I’m pretty sure she mailed them the day she got there for Christmas.

Elle: Yeah, it does.

Ruby: So, dinner when she gets back?

Elle: Sounds like a plan. We’ll both say the other called to check in on each other, right?

Ruby: Well, obviously. Otherwise, how will we get that extra special present she’s forgetting to buy us right now?

Elle: You think she’s forgetting to buy us presents?

Ruby: It’s Ginger. She forgets to eat if we don’t remind her.

Elle: This is true.


* * *

Ginger: Hm. I feel…something…it’s like…there’s a gaping hole…in my middle… Is it normal to feel faint if all you’ve consumed in a day is fourteen cups of coffee?

Passerby: Γιατί είναι αυτή η παράξενη γυναίκα γλείφει τα κουτιά σουβενίρ κουτάλι ;

Ginger: …I miss Ruby…


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