Movie Telepathy

Fly: …what are you doing?

Ruby: Hm?

Fly: What are you doing?

Ruby: I’m…cleaning out my inbox.

Fly: Those are all emails from Ginger.

Ruby: …yes, they are.

Fly: So, you miss her?

Ruby: …yes. She hasn’t emailed me at all since she left.

Fly: She’s been sending postcards.

Ruby: It’s not the same.

Fly: Do you want to watch a movie?

Ruby: What movie?

Fly: I don’t care – whatever you want.

Ruby: What day is it?

Fly: It’s…Friday.

Ruby: Friday, the 9th?

Fly: Yes.

Ruby: Ginger’s official approved movie list says today is the day to watch…Firefly.

Fly: Shocker.

Ruby: Specifically, the episode “Trash.”

Fly: Does her list include reasons why?

Ruby: It’s Ginger.

Fly: So…her reasons are?

Ruby: Ahem – “Early January is extremely cold and the first and last shots of the episode take place in a desert, where it is extremely hot. Plus, it ends on a high note.”

Fly: It does?

Ruby: …it’s creepy when she does this…

Fly: Does what?

Ruby: “Yes, Fly. It does. It ends on a high note. The last lines in the episodes are ‘Yup. Good day.’ And then the door closes on Mal’s smile.”

Fly: You’re right. It’s creepy.

Ruby: Should we watch it?

Fly: …you really miss her, don’t you?

Ruby: Yeah. I do.

Fly: Then let’s watch it.

* * *

Ginger: …whoa.

Concierge: なにが問題ですか?

Ginger: Somewhere in the world…someone took my advice…

Concierge: それはすばらしい。バラを食べて停止してください。彼らは飾りではなく、食べ物である。

Ginger: …I miss Ruby. And real food.


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