Zombies Attacked My Jetlag

Ruby: Hey! You’re back!

Ginger: I need your arms around me I need to feel your touch.

Ruby: And you’ve lost your mind again.

Ginger: You tell me that you love me so, you tell me that you care, but when I need you, baby—

Ruby: Baby? Oh. “Never There” by Cake. This is how the plane hangover is affecting you this time?

Ginger: I should have taken a picture of my ankles.

Ruby: Is this a new Cake song?

Ginger: I seem to have an attention span problem.

Ruby: Seem to?

Ginger: I should be getting my photos back tomorrow.

Ruby: This is why you need a digital camera.

Ginger: Digital cameras are for wussies. Film cameras are for those who take pride in the past.

Ruby: And afraid of technology. You know, for someone who works with computers all day long, I’m surprised you’re so afraid of digital cameras, Facebook, paying bills online…

Ginger: Yeah, well, when the zombies attack, at least I’ll know who I don’t owe money to!

Ruby: Ginger, when the zombies attack, why will you care?

Ginger: I…need a cheeseburger.

Ruby: It’s not even 11 yet, and you need a cheeseburger?

Ginger: Um…yeah. Something like that. I think.

Ruby: Okay. So, how was the trip?

Ginger: Fine. Awesome. Amazing. Wonderful. Wait until I tell you the stories!

Ruby: Let’s hear them!

Ginger: Um. No.

Ruby: No? Why not?

Ginger: I…think they would sound a lot better if I wasn’t so easily distracted…

Ruby: You’re always easily distracted.

Ginger: Do you have any nail polish? I think I want to paint my nails a girly color…

Ruby: I’m not giving you anything with fumes right now.

Ginger: I can handle it! I swear! Look, I can touch my nose! Oh! I have a present for you!

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: Yes! But only if you are not sarcastic for the rest of the day. Possibly longer.

Ruby: Okay… I will digitally remove the sarcasm from my words.

Ginger: Is that possible?

Ruby: With today’s technology, we can do anything.

Ginger: Until the zombies attack.

Ruby: Yeah. Until then.

Ginger: Still. I fear this ‘technology’ you speak of. I shall keep to my antiquated ways. Until the teleportation devices become readily accessible to the public.

Ruby: Then you’ll accept Facebook into your life?

Ginger: No, never that. But I might buy a digital camera then.

Ruby: Glad you’re not rushing into anything…

Ginger: Hey! I must be getting over this plane hangover, because I think I stayed relatively on topic for the past few minutes!

Ruby: Are you sure?

Ginger: Zombie, zombie, something about technology, zombie…yeah. I think I did.

Ruby: I’m so proud.

Ginger: Do you have your zombie plan ready?

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: What is it?

Ruby: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Ginger: …you’re lying.

Ruby: Just wait till the zombie uprising happens.

Ginger: I’ll cry a little when I have to destroy you.

Ruby: You could always join the zombies with me. Think about it: people will be running away from you. You can have all the space you want, all to yourself…no idiots around for miles and miles.

Ginger: Your argument is compelling…shame on you for taking advantage of my plane hangover state of mind!

Ruby: It’s all too easy sometimes…


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