Believe in Frank and Curt.

Ginger: Ruby, do you believe in ghosts?

Ruby: I’m not going on a ghost tour with you, Ginger.

Ginger: I’m just asking if you believe in ghosts.

Ruby: There are no ghosts in my home, in my car, or in my office.

Ginger: I’m not asking you where ghosts are. I’m asking you if you believe in ghosts.

Ruby: Ginger, I’m going to be frank with you…

Ginger: Whoa, what?

Ruby: …I’m sorry, where did I lose you?

Ginger: Who is Frank?

Ruby: …what?

Ginger: You said you’re going to be Frank with me. I’m just asking who Frank is.

Ruby: That’s a really old, really bad, joke.

Ginger: You started it.

Ruby: Actually? Technically, you started it.

Ginger: How?

Ruby: Because you weren’t just asking who Frank is. Moments ago, you were just asking if I believe in ghosts. You changed your one question. Now you have to choose which one you want answered.

Ginger: Why?

Ruby: Because you cannot “just ask” two questions if you don’t specify that you have two questions in the first place.

Ginger: Since when?

Ruby: Since you involved Frank.

Ginger: But YOU involved Frank!

Ruby: No, I involved being frank, which is totally different.

Ginger: FINE. If you want to be Frank with me, I will be Curt with you.

Ruby: Okay.

Ginger: Okay.

Ruby: Curt?

Ginger: Yes, Frank?

Ruby: Did you have a question?

Ginger: Well, I was going to ask if you believe in ghosts.

Ruby: As Frank, I will say I do not. Because, as Frank, I believe in cold, hard facts and mustaches.

Ginger: …mustaches?

Ruby: It’s hard to be Frank around you.

Ginger: I see.

Ruby: Why did you bring up ghosts in the first place?

Ginger: Can I be Frank?

Ruby: Do I have to be Curt?

Ginger: Up to you.

Ruby: I’m going to reserve the right to be Curt.

Ginger: That sounds fair.

Ruby: Why were you asking if I believe in ghosts?

Ginger: I wanted to know if it would work as a solid excuse to say a ghost ate your last strawberry shortcake.

Ruby: …yeah, I’m going to be Curt now.

Ginger: Is that a no, you don’t believe in ghosts?


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