I Never Said I Don’t Love Channing Tatum.

Ruby: I can’t believe you sometimes.

Ginger: You enjoyed the movie, didn’t you?

Ruby: You told me we were going to see something incredible that you couldn’t describe in normal words.

Ginger: That…sounds like me…

Ruby: You told me that the movie was going to be something we would discuss for years to come.

Ginger: Admittedly, we do talk about movies a lot. Remember how long ago you watched Serenity? We still discuss that.

Ruby: You told me we were not just going to see it because Channing Tatum is in it.

Ginger: That doesn’t sound like me at all. I think you made that up.

Ruby: You told me if I came along with you to see Jupiter Ascending, you wouldn’t make me see Furious 7 with you.

Ginger: Admittedly, I was going to take Mae to see that with me anyway. She’s a huge fan of that franchise and we’ve been seeing them together since the fourth one hit theatres.

Ruby: I just can’t believe you sometimes.

Ginger: Did you like the movie?

Ruby: Did I…like…well…yes.

Ginger: Because it was fun and you enjoyed the ride.

Ruby: Because it was fun and there were some really incredible visuals in there.

Ginger: And it was actually more original than all those other remakes we are currently forced to sit through?

Ruby: …it was actually an original story that I have not seen presented before.

Ginger: So, overall, you enjoyed the experience?

Ruby: I probably would have enjoyed it more if you had not yelled “Die, You Alien Scum And Leave My Jenko Alone” every time Channing Tatum’s character was in danger.

Ginger: Yeah, I was getting a little hoarse at the end there…

Ruby: And I was going a little deaf before then.

Ginger: Sorry.

Ruby: I should have known better.

Ginger: Probably. You’ve known me for a long time.

Ruby: This is true.

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