Apologies Come In Many Forms

Ginger: Hello?

Ruby: Hi, Ginger, are you home?

Ginger: Why? Should I be? Is there something waiting for me at home? Is it a present?

Ruby: …yes. There’s a present waiting for you at your home.

Ginger: Is it biodegradable?

Ruby: …maybe.

Ginger: Is it a cake?

Ruby: …would you like a cake waiting for you at home?

Ginger: Who would not like a cake waiting for them at home?

Ruby: Probably a diabetic or someone recovering from an eating disorder.

Ginger: Good point.

Ruby: I’m sorry I had to kick you out on Friday, but I did tell you I needed to do other things.

Ginger: I know.

Ruby: I didn’t mean to be short with you.

Ginger: I understand.

Ruby: So, sending me the basket of muffins on Saturday was a little unnecessary.

Ginger: I just wanted to apologize.

Ruby: I know. I also know that the basket of adorable mini-kitten toys was a second apology.

Ginger: Well, just in case the muffins showed up after you ate breakfast.

Ruby: Right. And the bouquet of balloons?

Ginger: Not everyone loves adorable mini-kitten toys.

Ruby: Ah.

Ginger: I just wanted to make sure you knew I was sorry for my behavior on Friday.

Ruby: I know. And I wanted to make sure you know that you are welcome in my home, but sometimes, you need to respect the fact that I have other responsibilities.

Ginger: I understand. Taxes are boring and you needed to be boring in order to understand them.

Ruby: Moving on…

Ginger: I can do that.

Ruby: Are you actually at home?

Ginger: No, I’m still finishing up at work. Do you think the cake will still be there when I do get home?

Ruby: …what kind of cake were you hoping to see when you got home tonight?

Ginger: Well, Ruby, I will never say no to a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and three white roses made out of frosting.

Ruby: Got it.

Ginger: But I do love funfetti cakes with white frosting and three blue roses made out of fondant.

Ruby: …right. Which do you love more?

Ginger: That’s like asking me to choose which shoe I love more – left or right. It’s an unfair question.

Ruby: Of course. Let me put it a different way.

Ginger: Okay…

Ruby: If you were coming home to find a present that says “Not Only Do I Accept Your Apologies, But I Also Apologize For Being Rude As I Kicked You Out And Fly Said I Should Apologize For Suggesting I Would Murder You And Bury Your Body In The Woods,” which cake would say that best?

Ginger: Good question…

Ruby: I know. Which is why I asked you.

Ginger: I think the cake that best says that is a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and funfetti sprinkles across the top, spelling out “Ruby Still Loves Ginger.”

Ruby: …that’s a good answer.

Ginger: Hey, Ruby?

Ruby: Yes, Ginger?

Ginger: Can you go pick up the cake and have it waiting at your place? It’s on my way home and that way, I don’t eat a whole cake by myself.

Ruby: Yes, Ginger. I can have the cake here at my place. Come over when you’re ready.

Ginger: Thank you, Ruby.

Ruby: You’re welcome, Ginger.

Ginger: …hey, Ruby?

Ruby: Yes, Ginger?

Ginger: …are you going to keep all of the adorable mini-kitten toys?

Ruby: I was planning on putting a large number of them in your bag when you weren’t looking.

Ginger: Thank you, Ruby.

Ruby: You’re welcome, Ginger.

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