Breakfast Plans Don’t Make Themselves

Ruby: Why are you in my kitchen?

Ginger: I’m looking for breakfast – why, where do you go for breakfast foods?

Ruby: My kitchen.

Ginger: See? You ask a silly question…

Ruby: No, you’re in my kitchen. You should look for breakfast foods in your kitchen.

Ginger: Why? There’s no food there.

Ruby: …you know, some people do actually buy food to keep in their own homes.

Ginger: That sounds strange and unnatural. Do they not have Rubies of their own?

Ruby: Apparently not.

Ginger: Well, you need to open up that Rubies-R-Us store soon. It sounds like there’s a market.

Ruby: Clearly. Didn’t we buy you breakfast toaster pastries just three days ago?

Ginger: …so?

Ruby: So, those are breakfast foods. Sort of.

Ginger: Well, then, why aren’t they here in your kitchen?

Ruby: Because we bought them for your kitchen.

Ginger: Then they can’t possibly be breakfast foods.

Ruby: Okay, then, what were they?

Ginger: I don’t know, snacks? Vegetables? Biologically redesigned fruit?

Ruby: You said to me, in the grocery store, as you picked up the box, a very distinct phrase. Do you remember the phrase?
Ginger: I think it was something like “tasty, tasty, toaster pastry, made for breakfast times when hasty.”

Ruby: Yes, I remembered because it rhymed.

Ginger: I do get poetical when hungry.

Ruby: But do you remember that you said the word “breakfast” in there?

Ginger: …oh yeah…weird.

Ruby: So, why don’t you eat it for breakfast?

Ginger: …why would I?

Ruby: Because it’s a breakfast pastry and you have it in your kitchen?

Ginger: Oh. I’ll think about it. I’m going to head out now – I don’t want to be late to work.

Ruby: …okay. Have a good day, Ginger.

Ginger: You too, Ruby. Thanks for breakfast!


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