Math Camp Friends Are Bad Influences

Ginger: Wow.

Ruby: I know, right?!

Ginger: Ruby, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, please…step away from the kitchen.

Ruby: Why?

Ginger: What is all this?

Ruby: I’m preparing for Pi Day! I have apple pie and key lime pie and chocolate crème pie and then I remembered – Pie Are Squared! So then I made square pie with a smore-like filling and a square pie with a cherry filling and then, suddenly, it hit me!

Ginger: Your high school algebra book hit you in a desperate attempt to math you back to sanity?

Ruby: …who took algebra in high school? I had that in, like, 4th grade.

Ginger: Okay, this smore-square-pie is really quite delicious…

Ruby: Anyway – all this pie wasn’t doing Π any good at getting the message out there…

Ginger: Π has a message?

Ruby: 3.141592653—

Ginger: And we’re all so proud.

Ruby: So I made cookies!

Ginger: Round cookies. Oh, right, because you’re still on that kick about Π having to do with the radius of a circle or something…

Ruby: Sugar cookies and with icing, I have been writing out Π – I’m up to 70 places!

Ginger: You made six batches of sugar cookies?!

Ruby: My old math camp friends are going to flip out when I post this to Facebook!

Ginger: WHY?!

Ruby: Because it’s awesome! I’m going to have the best Ultimate Pi Day ever!

Ginger: …Ultimate what, now?

Ruby: Ultimate Pi Day. March 14, 2015. 3-14-15. Look at the cookies, Ginger.

Ginger: 3.1415……oh.

Ruby: The last time we had an Ultimate Pi Day was in 1915. And there was no Facebook to help the cause at that time.

Ginger: I really don’t think Facebook can help this, Ruby. I’m starting to think nothing can help this…

Ruby: And before THAT, obviously, it was 1815, 1715 and 1615…

Ginger: Yeah – I get it. And so on and so on…seriously, put down the cookbook or I will have to call for backup.

Ruby: No, before 1615, it was 1592 – 3.141592, remember?

Ginger: I promise to never forget again, just so long as you leave the kitchen and go take a nap…

Ruby: So the 1500’s got two Ultimate Pi Day’s…

Ginger: And there was no Facebook to help document the glorious events. That’s just awful. Really. Can you take the apron off, please, and lie down on this very comfortable couch of yours?

Ruby: But, think of it, Ginger! An Ultimate Ultimate Pi Day…

Ginger: I’m just going to let you think of it, Ruby. Close your eyes…rest now…rest.

Fly: …is she sleeping?

Ginger: Just about. You should have called sooner.

Fly: I was on call. I had no idea all this was going on.

Ginger: And yet, you came home, saw the insanity, and tried to talk her down yourself before giving up and asking the expert in insanity to come over and convince her to go to bed.

Fly: I…was tired and not…thinking clearly?

Ginger: Well, I am taking that smore pie and going home to get some rest.

Fly: …rest?

Ginger: Yeah. Today is 3/13/15. Tomorrow is Ultimate Pi Day. She’s going to be well-rested. I’m going to need all the sleep and sugar I can get if I’m going to keep up with her tomorrow.

Fly: …oh yeah. Tomorrow. Ultimate Pie Day.


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