RIP, Sir Terry Pratchett

Ruby: Ginger, are you okay?

Ginger: Yeah, why?

Ruby: Well, I heard about Terry Pratchett…

Ginger: Why do you think I’m here? I’m loaning you two Discworld novels, so that you and Fly can share in the best way to mourn the world’s loss. Here – you are borrowing Night Watch and Equal Rites.

Ruby: …oh. That’s…so kind of you…

Ginger: I know. And Elle was very enthusiastic to receive a copy of Monstrous Regiment.

Ruby: She was?

Ginger: In her way.

Ruby: …which was?

Ginger: She said “I’ve never read any of these books before” and “Why are you doing this to me” and “Can I just leave it on the kitchen table until you come to pick it up again” and things of that nature.

Ruby: Ah.

Ginger: And her boyfriend Buddy had more things like that to say.

Ruby: Did he?

Ginger: Yeah. He also included things like “How did you get in my house” and “Why do you think this is okay” and “I don’t understand why I’m required to read Making Money just because you have read this guy’s entire collection of novels.”

Ruby: You should go easy on him…not everyone understands you the way Elle, Fly and I do.

Ginger: That’s what Elle said, too.

Ruby: So, if we’re reading these novels, which one are you reading?

Ginger: I’m revisiting Reaper Man. Because it’s beautiful and sad and touching.

Ruby: Oh, wait, there are reasons why we get the books we’re getting?

Ginger: Of course. Buddy gets Making Money because I thought he’d appreciate the satirical look into currencies and banks. I should have started him with Going Postal, just so he would know who the characters are, but I think Making Money is better for him.

Ruby: Oh. So, why do Fly and I get these?

Ginger: Night Watch is a beautiful story about Commander Vimes accidentally going back in time and making sure everything goes according to the way history needed it to go – and that included understanding that not everyone will survive, and how to honor and mourn those who have gone before you.

Ruby: Okay.

Ginger: And Equal Rites is almost never referenced in any of the books that follow, so it’s almost like a standalone novel in itself. And it’s very good.

Ruby: Well, okay, then.

Ginger: And Elle gets Monstrous Regiment because, it is also rarely mentioned in any books that follow, but is an incredible and inventive story.

Ruby: So, you’re just advertising one of your favorite authors by leaving his books in our homes.

Ginger: Pretty much.

Ruby: If you could tell the whole world, right now, about Terry Pratchett, what would you say?

Ginger: Go Read His Books.

Ruby: Fair enough.

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