But Bunnies Are GOOD Birthday Presents!

Ruby: Y’know, most people buy a birthday present without the recipient in attendance.

Ginger: You didn’t like the last present I got you. You have to come with this time.

Ruby: You bought me a chicken.

Ginger: And Lightbulb may grow up to have abandonment issues. And then where will that leave me?

Ruby: With a tasty Thanksgiving dish that once had abandonment issues?

Ginger: …that’s not funny.

Ruby: It’s a little funny.

Ginger: Oh! I could get you one of those!

Ruby: Why? I turned down a live chicken. Why would I accept that?

Ginger: Because bunnies are much quieter than chickens.

Ruby: I do not want a bunny.

Ginger: But they’re so cute – you could get that one there, and name it Hippo!

Ruby: We’re walking away from the pet store. Now.

Ginger: But I still need to get you a birthday present! Hippo loves you! Look – he’s hopping over here now! Lookitdalittleface!!!!!

Ruby: Look – right over there. Do you see that?

Ginger: …that’s a bookstore.

Ruby: Yeah. What do I do all the time?

Ginger: Complain about outdated technology? Hippo probably lays eggs every Easter. Look at how cuddly the little guy is! He’s on his hind legs!!

Ruby: Okay, you have me on the outdated technology. Look at the store next to the bookstore.

Ginger: That sells strange contraptions and thingamabobs and dinglehoppers.

Ruby: Otherwise known as kitchen supplies. I like kitchen supplies.

Ginger: Who would want a potholder more than an Easter-egg-laying-bunny-named-Hippo?!

Ruby: If you attempt to buy a rabbit for me, I will tell the salesperson you plan on eating it.

Ginger: …so…you want a fancy saucepan or a pack of fancy colored spatulas?

Ruby: There are probably more choices in the store, if you care to join me in that store.

Ginger: …there are some days I do not understand you.

Ruby: I know how that feels.


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