Ruby: Hey, Ginger, did your sister send home any cheesecake with you?

Ginger: Why would there be cheesecake?

Ruby: Because it was Easter this past weekend and your sister makes cheesecake.

Ginger: Why would there be cheesecake leftover?

Ruby: …darn. I was hoping you would have taken some for me.

Ginger: I tried.

Ruby: Meaning…you took some home for me, but ate it before I got here.

Ginger: It was really good cheesecake.

Ruby: Don’t rub it in.

Ginger: Sorry.

Ruby: How was the rest of your weekend?

Ginger: I got to eat a lot of chocolate.

Ruby: Meaning…you spent the majority of the weekend in a sugar coma.

Ginger: …yeah.

Ruby: Do you remember seeing movies, or siblings or nieces or nephews?

Ginger: …there were blurs of people talking very slowly…

Ruby: Do you think they were family or movies?

Ginger: …am I related to Jason Statham?

Ruby: No.

Ginger: Then movies.

Ruby: Do you ever suffer from cutting off the sugar after a weekend long binge?

Ginger: Not really.

Ruby: I bet there are people out there who are jealous.

Ginger: Wait – do you think blinding headaches and sleeping for three days straight and hearing my heartbeat whenever I turn my head to the left could qualify as suffering?

Ruby: …………………… I’m sure that’s normal.

Ginger: Meaning…it’s sugar withdrawal and you want me to stop binge-eating sugar.

Ruby: You’re catching on.


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