Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Heart of…Laa-Laa?

Fly: Ruby?

Ruby: Yes?

Fly: Why is Ginger sleeping on our couch?

Ruby: She watched something scary on TV and was worried she’d have nightmares.

Fly: Ginger gets nightmares?

Ruby: Yes. She’s human, too, Fly.

Fly: You’ve had this confirmed, right?

Ruby: She insists on a routine medical procedure every twelve months.

Fly: …to confirm she’s human?

Ruby: More like to see if she’s developed any superpower. Essentially, though, it’s the same result.

Fly: She watches movies about Ryan Reynolds buried alive.

Ruby: Yes.

Fly: She laughed when the villain’s head exploded in that other movie…

Ruby: Admittedly, it was done in an amusing manner.

Fly: My point is – seriously – what could give her nightmares?

Ruby: Everyone has their own character flaw, dear.

Fly: You know what it was, don’t you?

Ruby: I do.

Fly: Was it a 1980’s slasher film villain? Freddy or Jason?

Ruby: Please. The last time Ginger dreamt of Freddy, she served him tea and told him if he didn’t stop attempting to kill the rest of her party, she’d hand him over to the nightmare she keeps in the dungeon of her mind.

Fly: …but what’s in the dungeon of her mind?

Ruby: She doesn’t actually ever name it. She just drops hints and changes the subject.

Fly: So, she saw it on TV and had to come over here?

Ruby: No. She saw something else on TV.

Fly: Was it a documentary on heart surgery? Brain surgery?

Ruby: Remember how she sits through those with you while I’m queasy in the kitchen?

Fly: Oh, yeah. This is killing me – what could possibly give Ginger a nightmare?

Ruby: Promise not to tell her I blabbed?

Fly: Yes – please – what is it?

Ruby: Teletubbies.

Fly: …oh.

Ruby: Yeah.

Fly: …now I might have nightmares.

Ruby: RIGHT?!


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