Conventions End…Eventually.

Ginger: Can you believe they told me to work from home today?

Ruby: You sent your manager a picture of you dressed as one of the Minions, asking for written approval to wear it to work.

Ginger: I figured since that’s what they expect me to be, I should dress the part.

Ruby: My question is, why did you feel it was necessary to ask my manager if you could work from my office, dressed as a Minion?

Ginger: Working from home is boring. I’m all alone.

Ruby: But you like being alone!

Ginger: Not when I’m working.

Ruby: You’re just lucky that my manager was also at that convention this weekend…

Ginger: I don’t know why he thought you were wandering around as Gru, though.

Ruby: Probably because you told him I was.

Ginger: That could be it, but all I said was “It’s possible Ruby is wandering around here dressed as Gru.”

Ruby: Yeah. That couldn’t have been misleading at all.

Ginger: I only said it was possible.

Ruby: If I just sigh heavily, would you understand my point?

Ginger: No. Be happy! We’re both working from home today!

Ruby: MY HOME. We’re both working from my home today!

Ginger: Your manager is also working from home. He thought it was a great idea.

Ruby: I’m still sighing.

Ginger: I’m still going to pretend I don’t understand.

Ruby: I know.


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