It’s Not Like There’s A Kennel For Her…

Fly: What are you doing?

Ruby: I know what you’re going to say…

Fly: Really? So, you know I’m going to ask how Ginger convinced you to DVR her crazy vampire show for her since her cable box broke down?

Ginger: …first of all? It’s a zombie show, not a vampire show.

Ruby: And second – she is staying the week with us while her landlord repairs her ceiling.

Fly: …what did you do to the ceiling?

Ginger: Why does everyone ask that? I didn’t do it.

Ruby: Her upstairs neighbor dropped a bowling ball or something.

Ginger: See?

Fly: So, your DVR still works?

Ginger: As well as it ever has.

Fly: Then why don’t you just watch all of it when you go home at the end of the week?

Ruby: If I record it for her, she will be able to watch it while I can get things done around the house.

Ginger: Ruby said I’m “amazingly unhelpful” when it comes to letting her do things I don’t want to do.

Ruby: Ginger agreed.

Fly: …it’s just one week?

Ruby: Just one week.

Ginger: I promise, Fly, we’ll be quiet as churchmice! Quieter, even!

Fly: I doubt that…but…it could be fun.

Ginger: I told you, Ruby!

Ruby: Fly…

Fly: Did you think I would say no?

Ruby: …not to…Ginger…staying here the week…

Ginger: C’mon, Lightbulb! Let’s show you where your roost will be this week!

Fly: …wait, what?

Ruby: I know what you’re going to say…

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