Dodging the Garbage

Ruby: So, wait, who is that?

Ginger: That’s Clive. He works with Liv to solve cases, because he thinks she’s psychic – not a zombie.

Ruby: So, this is like Psych, but with a zombie twist.

Ginger: Um. I guess.

Fly: Hey there.

Ruby: Hi. How was your day?

Fly: It was a 48 hour shift.

Ginger: Was it a good 48 hour shift or a bad 48 hour shift?

Fly: What pictures are you looking at? That girl is really pale…

Ginger: Ruby said she had to wash dishes, so I came in to keep her company and I got talking about my latest TV show.

Fly: Should I ask what it is?

Ruby: Don’t ask…it’ll take her another twenty minutes to explain all the little nuances.

Fly: Okay. In that case, I’m just going to go to bed.

Ruby: Before you do, could you come take the garbage out?

Fly: I just got off a 48 hour shift at the hospital.

Ruby: …I’m washing the dishes…?

Ginger: I’m keeping her company.

Fly: I just got home.

Ruby: …I vacuumed the living room earlier today…?

Fly: I’m half asleep.

Ruby: …I made you dinner…?

Fly: I’m very sleepy…

Ruby: …I’ll let you drive a Dodge?

Fly: …what?

Ruby: Did I not say it right?

Ginger: It sounded right…

Fly: What are you talking about?

Ruby: Please take the garbage out and you can drive a Dodge.

Fly: …I think I’m still missing something.

Ruby: It was an ad. During the Superbowl. A few years ago.

Ginger: Advertising Memory Lane had a lot of twists and turns today. It turns out my favorite Grimm was in that ad…

Ruby: We looked it up on YouTube.

Fly: Oh, right…see, I was thinking, I’d watch that vampire show and skip the garbage.

Ruby: I don’t watch a vampire show.

Fly: Ginger does…doesn’t she?

Ginger: For the bajillionth time, this is a zombie show. Not a vampire show.

Fly: Really? You don’t watch any show with vampires at all?

Ginger: …I guess Supernatural has vampires from time to time…

Fly: Right. Not worth the vampire show…

Ruby: Guess you’re just stuck with me and taking out the garbage.

Fly: Okay. But I’m driving a Dodge!!

Ruby: Also…I don’t think it was multiple choice…

Fly: Can’t hear you over taking out the garbage!!

Ruby: Thank you, honey!

Fly: If I get you to watch Ginger’s vampire show, does that mean you get to drive the Dodge?

Ginger: I don’t watch a vampire show! Buffy has been off the air for years!!

Fly: Netflix has it, doesn’t it?

Ginger: …this is true…

Ruby: I’m not watching a vampire show just to drive a Dodge.

Fly: Take out the trash and I’ll let you drive a Dodge?

Ruby: …oooh – HEY!

Fly: I just got off a 48 hour shift at the hospital!


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