The Quiet Invites An Ambush

Fly: Shh….listen.

Ruby: Yes. It’s quiet now that Ginger has gone home.

Fly: Yes. It’s quiet. …too quiet…

Ruby: She didn’t set any traps for us, Fly. Trust me.

Fly: No…that’s not what I mean…I mean that it’s…too quiet…she’s lulling us into a false sense of security…any second now, she’ll call with some insane theory about how the government has managed to develop technology that can scan her brain while she rides the bus…

Ruby: Yeah, Ginger doesn’t ride the bus. There are people on the bus. She doesn’t actually like people.

Fly: That doesn’t make sense. We’re people.

Ruby: No, we’re individual persons with names and histories. She doesn’t like people…as in, groups of nameless faces, en masse.

Fly: So, she doesn’t like crowds?

Ruby: Sometimes. She likes crowds of persons at conventions, because normally, they’re all there for the same reason. And sometimes, they’re dressed up as persons with names and histories she knows really well.

Fly: Right.

Ruby: She just doesn’t like people.

Fly: She’s going to call. To tell you something that she claims is very important…but isn’t.

Ruby: Maybe she won’t. Maybe this was her plan all along – to get you to see what it’s like on her side of paranoia.

Fly: But how could she know?

Ruby: She is aware of more things than you realize.

(phone rings)

Fly: Ha!

Ruby: Hello?

Fly: I told you!

Ruby: Oh, hey, Beth. Yeah, I can talk right now…

Fly: …oh.

Ruby: …okay, hang on, let me get to a computer.

Fly: I thought it was Ginger.

Ruby: I know, dear. Excuse me…yeah, I’m still here…

(on the phone)

Ginger: Okay, so, when you get to the other room, will you please tell me why you’re calling me by your sister’s name? GASP! Did I trip into another dimension where we’re sisters?! Does that mean your sister is sisters with my sister?

Ruby: One thing at a time…

Ginger: Oh, right. My original issue. Do you know if the government has cracked the genetic code for supposedly mythological creatures? Because I swear I saw a manticore driving a bus through town today…

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