Forget Normal.

Ruby: Hello, Ginger… What’s up?

Ginger: I still want to go to Forget, but right now, my brother is on his way to Normal.

Ruby: Your brother?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: But, he’ll never…I mean, he can only visit Normal, he can’t stay for long.

Ginger: That is almost exactly what I said.

Ruby: Will he take pictures of Normal so as to remember what it’s like?

Ginger: He’s visited Normal before. He never stays for long and he does his best to return on a somewhat regular basis.

Ruby: That’s probably a good plan. He can blend in as a Normie then?

Ginger: Mostly. You know I used to visit Normal regularly, right?

Ruby: It doesn’t surprise me.

Ginger: But I could never really find my way there on my own…

Ruby: And now you want to go to Forget.

Ginger: Yes. I wonder if I will re-visit Normal after I have been to Forget.

Ruby: Some philosophers might say that once you go to Forget, you can never really return to Normal.

Ginger: Some doctors would agree, I’ll bet.

Ruby: Are we done with this game now? I have work to do.

Ginger: Oh, yeah, we could’ve been done a while ago. You should’ve said something!

Ruby: Yeah, cause that always worked in the past.

Ginger: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ruby: Right…


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