I Would Like To Plead The Fifth…

Ginger: If you were going to populate an entire underground world – say, in a shelter of some sort, for example – which fictional villains would you want in there?

Ruby: …none.

Ginger: This isn’t for real, Ruby. It’s full of fictional villains.

Ruby: Oh. I’m sorry. I clearly misunderstood you.

Ginger: It’s possible I didn’t enunciate properly.

Ruby: Right. It is possible.

Ginger: So, which fictional villains would you put in your underground shelter?

Ruby: None whatsoever.

Ginger: Why?!

Ruby: I’m not helping you rename all of your Fallout Shelter Dwellers after famous fictional villains and villainesses.

Ginger: Is it because you’re renaming all of your Fallout Shelter Dwellers after famous superheroes and superheroines?

Ruby: No. I’m letting them keep the names randomly generated for them.

Ginger: Really? Can I see?

Ruby: …are you just going to rename all the boys Fly and all the girls Ruby?

Ginger: Fly already offered to do that, didn’t he?

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: Then, no. That’s not what I was going to do.

Ruby: You were going to rename one girl Ginger.

Ginger: No. Not since you said that out loud…

Ruby: Uh-huh. I’m not giving you my iPhone just so you can screw up my Dwellers.

Ginger: You’re not very trusting.

Ruby: Have you met you?

Ginger: I plead the fifth.

Ruby: Good choice.

Ginger: Oh, hey, before I forget, I need to borrow your copy of This Is Spinal Tap to show my coworker. She never understands why I say I need to crank it up to 11.

Ruby: Don’t you own it?

Ginger: No, I always just borrow your copy.

Ruby: Okay, fine. It’s on the movie shelf.

Ginger: Yeah, I looked there and didn’t see it.

Ruby: What?

Ginger: I swear to you it’s not there.

Ruby: Ginger, if this is a ruse to get me to put down my phone so you can rename all my Dwellers after superheroes and superheroines, I promise you I will have my revenge.

Ginger: Ruby, your phone has a numerical lock on it. If you’re that worried, lock the screen.

Ruby: …I’ll be right back.

Ginger: I know. Oh! Raiders just attacked – man, I hate when that happens! Just when I get all my food and water supplies up to where I need them, those crazy Raiders just show up and start stealing my supplies!

Ruby: You should have some Dwellers in the Vault Room on patrol. Give them the best weapons your inventory shows and let them handle it.

Ginger: Urgh – they made it to the second room! Have you noticed it looks like the Dwellers are shooting each other and miraculously also hit the Raiders?

Ruby: Maybe magic bullets exist in the shelter. Here’s the movie. It was tucked behind The Princess Bride for some reason…

Ginger: Weird. Well, I gotta go. Thanks for the movie!

Ruby: Yeah, sure, not a – GINGER!

Ginger: You said not to rename all your Dwellers after supers!


Ginger: No, you inferred that. I simply pointed out that your phone has a numerical lock. It’s not my fault I was able to figure it out.


Ginger: …have you met me?


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