The Fridge Fairy Skipped Me Again

Ginger: Hello?

Ruby: Ginger, where are you?

Ginger: Um, I’m in my apartment.

Ruby: Um, no you’re not. I’m in your apartment.

Ginger: Why are you in my apartment when I’m not?

Ruby: Because you gave me a key and… Wait. You go into my apartment when I’m not there All The Time.

Ginger: Yes, but that’s Your Apartment. Not My Apartment.

Ruby: How is it different?

Ginger: Yours. Mine. Grammatically, that’s a huge difference.

Ruby: But in reverse, it’s My Apartment, not Your Apartment. So, Mine. Yours. Stop going into my apartment when I’m not at home.

Ginger: …okay.

Ruby: You’re in my apartment right now, aren’t you?

Ginger: No, I’m in your apartment. Yours. Not Mine.

Ruby: Are you eating the leftover fried chicken that was in the fridge?

Ginger: No. Not…yet…

Ruby: Hypothetically, if you were to try to eat the leftover fried chicken that was in the fridge, you would be eating Fly’s dinner tonight.

Ginger: …why tell me about leftover fried chicken in the fridge if you’re just going to take it away in the next breath?

Ruby: There’s also some leftover mashed potatoes in there…

Ginger: Oooh…

Ruby: …which is also part of Fly’s dinner tonight. So don’t eat that, either.

Ginger: Why don’t you keep food in your fridge for me to eat for dinner?

Ruby: Because it’s MY Fridge! Why don’t you keep food in YOUR Fridge for you to eat for dinner?

Ginger: You’re in my apartment, right?

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: Open the fridge.

Ruby: Ginger, this is not going to—

Ginger: Open. The. Fridge.

Ruby: Fine. I’m opening the fridge… Ginger?

Ginger: Yes, Ruby?

Ruby: Why is there a four tiered wedding cake in your fridge?

Ginger: I’m holding onto it for a friend. She’s getting married tomorrow and the baker got the days mixed up.

Ruby: …I’m coming home. I’ll make you something for dinner tonight.

Ginger: Thank you, Ruby! You’re the bestest!

Ruby: Wait…why was there room in your fridge for a four tiered wedding cake?

Ginger: There wasn’t. I had to move some stuff.

Ruby: Such as…?

Ginger: Half a loaf of bread, two bottles of H-2-Go and an almost empty bottle of mustard.

Ruby: You do know there’s no such thing as a Fridge Fairy that fills your fridge with food, right?

Ginger: I beg to differ. I currently have a four tiered wedding cake in my fridge. That didn’t get there because I bought a four tiered wedding cake.

Ruby: …this is true.


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