But He’s Worth, Like, 2 Goats!

Ginger: Are you sure it’s illegal to sell your siblings? I could make some serious cash and quit the job that is driving me crazy…

Ruby: It’s illegal to sell your siblings. Wait – which one were you planning on selling?

Ginger: Well, I thought it was an obvious choice, but now I have to rethink it.

Ruby: Why are you trying to sell your siblings, anyway? I thought you gave them away for free.

Ginger: Yeah, I did, but they keep coming back. I thought if I sold them, then the recipient of that sibling would keep the receipt for tax purposes, if nothing else, and then we could prove that the sibling needs to stop expecting a birthday present from me.

Ruby: Ah. Now I understand.

Ginger: It’s about time…

Ruby: You forgot to buy a birthday present for…one of your brothers?

Ginger: Yes. It’s hardly my fault. He’s very hard to shop for.

Ruby: He’s your brother, right?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: Related by blood, right?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: And you didn’t think to just go out and buy a Jason Statham movie at random?

Ginger: I think he owns all of the Jason Statham collection he wants.

Ruby: I’m assuming he already owns the Jason Bourne movies…?

Ginger: Yeah.

Ruby: Fast & Furious franchise is covered?

Ginger: If it were this easy, don’t you think I would have come to a conclusion that did not involve selling him to a stranger on the street?

Ruby: …Sharknado movies in a bundle.

Ginger: …bring me a computer. I have some online shopping to do.

Ruby: You should include a sixpack of beer with the order.

Ginger: Only a six pack? I was going to go with a 24 pack…

Ruby: Okay, good, we’re on the same page.


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