Coffee For Your Thoughts?

Ruby: Ginger – you’ve been quiet for a really long time. Penny for your thoughts?

Ginger: …sharks.

Ruby: You’re thinking about sharks?

Ginger: Well, you only offered me a penny. That’s not much in today’s economy. So, that’s as much of my thoughts as a penny will afford.

Ruby: Yeah, the problem is I’ve seen what the full thought can be and I know better than to offer more than, say, $1.50.

Ginger: Even that doesn’t buy you much anymore. It only covers a cup of coffee at certain hours of the day during special deals.

Ruby: If I did offer $1.50 for your thoughts, how much more would I get?

Ginger: See, now you’re trying to find out what I’m thinking for a penny and a promise.

Ruby: Based on what little we’ve discussed so far, if I did offer $1.50 for your thoughts, I’m pretty sure you would tell me you were thinking about whether or not sharks drink coffee and how much it would cost in a shark economy.

Ginger: But you’ll never be sure.

Ruby: I might be able to live with it.

Ginger: Okay.

Ruby: Okay.

Ginger: Do you want to see what’s on TV?

Ruby: No, now I want to know if you’re thinking about sharks and coffee.

Ginger: Well, for a penny and a promise, you’ll never find out for sure.

Ruby: …can I buy you a cup of coffee so you’ll tell me what you’re thinking?

Ginger: Sure. I’ll get my shoes on.

Ruby: Let me get my purse…

Ginger: I’ll just finish this text to my brother…

(Types into phone) Totally worked. Coffee for silence & random word choice! Try it!

Ruby: You coming or what?

Ginger: Yeah – just…hmm…

(Types into phone) Small backfire. Must now think up connection of sharks to coffee.


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