It Was The Cutest Cheezy Prom Pose Ever!!

Fly: Ruby? I’m home—

Ruby: Shh! Don’t wake her!

Fly: Is Ginger still sleeping on our couch?

Ruby: She…was awake for a few hours…

Fly: Is she still cuddling that?

Ruby: She’s very happy as long as she’s holding it.

Fly: What is it?

Ruby: It’s the picture of her and Nathan Fillion.

Fly: Doesn’t she know it will look better in a frame?

Ruby: Right now, the memory is still fresh.

Fly: She’s sleeping.

Ruby: And when she wakes and sees it, she is reminded of the joy from the moment.

Fly: How long will this go on?

Ruby: I’m betting a while. Even long after we see it, she’ll still get giddy seeing the picture and remembering every word he said to her.

Fly: I meant how long will she sleep on our couch?

Ruby: Oh that. Well, considering she didn’t sleep for the four days of the convention and the only reason she fell asleep at all was because I kept promising her I would start the movie in five more minutes until I heard her snore…um…three more days?

Fly: Okay, fine.

Ginger: …and he remembered meeting me from before…

Ruby: Yeah, she’s still talking in her sleep.

Fly: She’s still telling the story in her sleep?

Ruby: It was a memorable moment in her life. And she has a lot of recurring faces in her dreams.

Fly: She’s not quite right, is she?

Ruby: …no. But would we have it any other way?


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