A Happy Ginger Is A Rare Creature

Ruby: Hello?

Elle: Hi, Ruby, it’s Elle. Have you seen Ginger?

Ruby: Yes.

Elle: Where is she?

Ruby: Dancing around my living room.

Elle: Okay. I just wanted to make sure she was somewhere safe.

Ruby: You’re not alone in that concern.

Elle: So…how long do you think this will last?

Ruby: Based on the few fragmented sentences I can glean from her happy babbling, I think we have another few days.

Elle: Nathan Fillion really had an effect on her, didn’t he?

Ruby: He held her, Elle. In his arms.

Elle: …yeah. She’s happy-babbled that in my direction, too.

Ruby: She loves her Captain.

Elle: No denying it. Thanks for keeping an eye on her.

Ruby: Talk to you later. Oh – hey, you’re picking her up tomorrow, right? Fly and I have some errands to run and Ginger-sitting might get in the way.

Elle: Yeah, I’ll stop by in the morning. With coffee.

Ruby: Bless you…


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