A Driving Force

Fly: Why are we driving Ginger home tonight?

Ruby: Because I promised her. And she has boxes for…me to…give my co-worker who’s moving.

Fly: I thought we were—

Ruby: Not yet.

Ginger: What’s with the blue towels everywhere?

Ruby: Those are scrub towels from the hospital. I keep finding them in Fly’s car. Take two. Take five.

Ginger: Really?

Fly: Yes.

Ginger: Sweet! Now I can re-enact my favorite O.R. scenes from Grey’s Anatomy with my stuffed animals!

Fly: You have favorite scenes?

Ginger: My stuffed penguin collection enjoys the drama. My stuffed Coca-Cola bear collection likes learning about medicine.

Ruby: You’re using “learning” in a loose sense, right?

Ginger: They’re stuffed bears, Ruby. They’re not really learning a lot.

Ruby:  Don’t forget to take the next exit.

Fly: I won’t.

Ruby: If I wasn’t here, would you know how to get to Ginger’s?

Fly: I would call you.

Ginger: I mean, I could give them a copy of the textbook Grey’s Anatomy and they could study and study, but I’d bet they’d fail the final…

Ruby: If it was an emergency, and I wasn’t here, would you know how to get to Ginger’s?

Ginger: If you think about it, the show is the worst book-made-into-a-TV-show adaptation ever…it doesn’t really follow the plot of the original book at all…

Fly: You do know there’s no plot in the textbook Grey’s Anatomy, right?

Ruby: It’s Ginger. She found a plotline in the Alphabet Song.

Ginger: Wait, if it was an emergency, why would Fly be coming to my place?

Fly: To get the O.R. scrub towels, obviously!

Ruby: Nice.

Fly: Playing along seems to be the best way.

Ruby: You learn quickly… I’m so proud!

Ginger: So, if my neighbor is dying and I need to perform emergency surgery to open her throat so she can breathe, I could call Fly and you’d come up and use these scrub towels?

Fly: I’d recommend calling an ambulance. They’d get there sooner. And they’d have the right instruments for the job.

Ginger: But you could talk me through opening her throat, right?

Ruby: Sure he could!

Fly: Really? You’re playing into this?

Ruby: She’ll call you next week and ask you to walk her through opening a stuffed penguin’s throat if I don’t. I’m just saving her mother a sewing job.

Ginger: Do you have an extra stethoscope back here?

Fly: Fine. Yes. I could walk you through it. Just make sure you have the towels ready. Also, you’ll need a laryngoscopy kit handy.

Ginger: I might need one of those larynthogeoscopic kits…

Fly: Are you really concerned about your neighbor needing emergency surgery any time soon?

Ginger: You never know. But I’m totally prepared now. I have O.R. scrub towels. And stuffed penguins. They’re mostly throats. I can practice.

Fly: Your plan failed.

Ruby: On to Plan B – Ginger, are you going to watch that new TV show?

Ginger: Which one?

Ruby: I can’t remember the title. It has those guys in it that you like…

Ginger: Nathan Fillion? Jensen Ackles? Matt Passmore?

Fly: What TV show are you talking about?

Ruby: I don’t know, but she’ll be obsessed with finding it long enough she’ll forget all about performing surgery on her stuffed penguins, bears and neighbors…

Ginger: Christian Kane? H. Jon Benjamin? Jeremy Irons?

Fly: Is it bad that I only recognize one out of every three names she says?

Ruby: No. Ginger, I think it has something to do with lawyers…? Or forensic science…?

Ginger: I think I know what show you’re talking about…

Fly: Seriously?

Ginger: I didn’t realize it had lawyers, but I think so…

Ruby: Works. Every. Time.

Fly: Now, though, she’s going to convince you to add it to our DVR.

Ruby: Small price to pay.

Fly: …………true.


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