We Are Both Right

Ginger: Why did you get a call from a realtor?

Ruby: Remember that walk-through you walked through last week?

Ginger: I remember there were strangers here the last time I dropped by.

Ruby: What did you think was happening?

Ginger: Strangers enjoy your interior design?

Ruby: They were asking questions about laundry facilities.

Ginger: The woman in that cream colored suit obviously spilled coffee on herself and probably wanted to have it cleaned.

Ruby: …the realtor was wearing a brown suit.

Ginger: I thought she was really messy.

Ruby: Wait – how do you know I got a call from a realtor?

Ginger: OH! Right. Before you got home, there was a call on your landline. By the way, why do you still have a landline?

Ruby: Because I work from home on a regular basis. Why were you here, taking calls, when I was not home?

Ginger: Fly was here when I first arrived. He had to go to work, though.

Ruby: And he left you here? On purpose?

Ginger: He might have thought I was on my way out.

Ruby: You weren’t, though, were you?

Ginger: You made cookies. I had to find them before I left.

Ruby: So you found the cookies, turned on the TV and played games on your phone until I got home so you could tell me the cookies are all gone.

Ginger: I would have said that it took me significant time to find the cookies, which worked up a surprising appetite and left me stunningly exhausted and I couldn’t trust myself to go home in such a state – I might faint or something on the train – and so I sat down on your couch and eventually discovered your TV remote was underneath me when the TV turned on and then I couldn’t find it to turn it off, so then I pulled out my phone to call you but remembered you were still at work and didn’t want to take my calls while still working, so I started a game on my phone to wait for you to get home.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: Well, yes. I didn’t want you to get home wondering if your home is haunted or something. The TV on all by itself and whatnot.

Ruby: I would have assumed Fly left the TV on.

Ginger: So we’re both right.

Ruby: No. I just have more sense.

Ginger: But what doesn’t make any sense is why a realtor called you.

Ruby: Because, Ginger. We’re moving.

Ginger: …you’re…not. Is it because of the ghost? I made up the ghost. Your home isn’t haunted.

Ruby: Will it make you feel better if I say it’s because of a ghost?

Ginger: It’ll help. Especially since I told the realtor the place is haunted.

Ruby: …I have to call Marla.

Ginger: Okay, but after you finish telling her you’re not selling, do you want to get some dinner? I could really go for some Chicken Deluxe tonight… Do you want Thai? Ruby?

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