Ruby: See, Ginger? Our move to a new place results in presents for you!

Ginger: A long-forgotten jar of rosemary, a mostly-empty bottle of cooking sherry and an end table my sister gave you do not qualify as presents.

Fly: But the seven eggs she decided she didn’t want to move?

Ginger: Oh, those are totally presents. I cook eggs. I don’t know what to do with rosemary, except to include it with sage, parsley and thyme. And cooking sherry? What do you even put that on?

Ruby: Someday, we might introduce you to a strange new invention called a cookbook.

Ginger: That sounds foreign and I’ll have none of it.

Fly: Oh, look, the elevator works.

Ruby: Why wouldn’t it?

Ginger: Yeah, Fly, that’s kind of a weird thing to say. And this is coming from me.

Fly: I don’t know, it just…seemed like something I needed to say.

Ruby: Well, okay, then.

Ginger: What time do the movers show up Friday?

Fly: They’re supposed to be here at noon.

Ruby: I really hope the rain stops by then. It’s supposed to rain all night.

Ginger: Yeah, moving in the rain is not as much fun as the movies make it. Just ask Eddy when you see him on Friday.

Ruby: Ooh – elevator!

Fly: Everyone on?

Ginger: Yup.

Ruby: …wait, what movie has a move-in-the-rain?

Ginger: If there’s a movie with a moving truck in it, Eddy’s seen it. He’s a Nerd.

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: What? I’m a Nerd, so I can say that. Eddy agrees with me. We bonded over nerd conversations on my last move.

Fly: How many nerd conversations could you possibly have?

Ruby: Seriously? You’re asking her about her nerd qualities?

Ginger: There are so many nerd things to talk about… Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, superhero movies and the comics and graphic novels they’re based on, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Terry Pratchett novels, George R.R. Martin novels–

Fly: Okay, you’re right. I’m sorry I asked. You’re a Nerd. Capital N.

Ruby: I tried warning you. She refers to the various conventions lovingly as “Nerdfests.”

Ginger: If I could have made it this year, I would have gone to the San Diego Comic Con and gotten tickets to the Nerd Conversations, in the Nerd HQ, I would have bought a Nerd HQ T-shirt… I am quite proud of my Nerdness.

Fly: Do you think you could have said “Nerd” a few more times?

Ginger: I could try…

Random Woman In the Elevator: *sigh*

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