A Moving Curse

Ruby: Okay, Ginger, where is it?

Ginger: Where is what?

Ruby: Where is the evil voodoo curse hex bag that you’ve made to stop the move?

Ginger: What are you talking about?

Ruby: The elevator flooded. The movers couldn’t come Friday. We had to reschedule. AGAIN.

Ginger: It flooded?

Ruby: You see that stuff falling relentlessly from the skies? It’s called rain. It caused a flood in the freight elevator shaft.

Ginger: That’s so weird…especially after Fly said that thing last week about the elevator working, like it was a surprise…

Ruby: See, statements like that make me think you put an evil voodoo curse on this move…

Ginger: I swear I did NOT put an evil voodoo curse on your move!

Ruby: Truthfully, Ginger. Remember – lying is a sin.

Ginger: Yeah, so are evil voodoo curses. And hex bags.

Ruby: All right. Fine. I believe you.

Ginger: Aww, don’t sound so down about believing me. You’ll give me a complex.

Ruby: It’s just this move…why is it so complicated??

Ginger: It’s a sign that you shouldn’t be leaving me.

Ruby: I’m not leaving you. I’m moving to a bigger place with my husband where it’s more convenient for him to get to his job. What is so hard for you to get about that?

Ginger: I had no input! You made these decisions without my input!

Ruby: See? It’s statements like that that lead me to believe you would put an evil voodoo curse on the move.

Ginger: I wouldn’t put an evil voodoo curse on your move. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Ruby: You watch too much TV for me to believe that.

Ginger: I wouldn’t be able to catch the necessary rabbit.

Ruby: Show me Lightbulb and I might start to believe you.

Ginger: He’s in the kitchen.

Ruby: Where is she? I don’t see her.

Ginger: Okay, don’t hold this against me…he likes sitting in the oven. I don’t know why.

Ruby: Well, luckily for him, you don’t use your oven…

Ginger: Yeah. What would I even use it for?

Ruby: Um…what is this?

Ginger: That is a bag of potpourri.

Ruby: Are you sure?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: It’s not an evil voodoo curse hex bag?

Ginger: Honestly, Ruby, if it was, the evil voodoo curse would be on my move. It’s in my kitchen. According to the rules of Supernatural, it would have to be in your possession in order to put the hexingness on you.

Ruby: Why do you even have a bag of potpourri in your oven?

Ginger: Because keeping a live chicken in your oven indefinitely somehow makes the kitchen smell like chicken feet. I like the smell of vanilla more than chicken feet and Lightbulb won’t hold still long enough for me to wash his feet with vanilla bathsoap.

Ruby: …those bandages on your hands and arms a few weeks ago suddenly make sense.

Ginger: Yeah. Potpourri is way easier than restocking bandages every three days.

Ruby: Weird.

Ginger: Yeah.

Ruby: So, the movers are coming on Wednesday.

Ginger: When do the new people move in?

Ruby: Thursday.

Ginger: There is no evil voodoo curse hex bag, you know.

Ruby: I know…it just helped to blame you for a while.

Ginger: I know. Hey, Ruby?

Ruby: Yes, Ginger?

Ginger: It’s raining.

Ruby: I know.

Ginger: Wanna go splash in the puddles at the park for a while?

Ruby: Ginger, I am a grown woman with a husband, a career that involves complex math, coding and logic and I currently have two addresses in my name. I am legally able to drink alcohol. I vote. I drive a car. I eat all my vegetables and I can get into an R-rated movie whenever I want to do so without my mommy’s permission.

Ginger: Let’s go pretend we can’t do any of that stuff for a while.

Ruby: ……………..okay.

Ginger: Admit it – all that stuff isn’t worth it if you can’t shirk it for an afternoon.

Ruby: Last one to the park is a rotten egg!!!

Ginger: It’s on!!!



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