Mastering Outdated Technology

Ruby: Good morning, this is Ruby…

Ginger: Hey, it’s me.

Ruby: Hey.

Ginger: I wanted to let you know I have that list of book recommendations you wanted for your nieces.

Ruby: Book recommendations?

Ginger: Yeah, you know – books every young girl should read.

Ruby: Oh, thanks! I had forgotten about that…

Ginger: I wanted to make sure all the good ones were on there. You know, The Song of the Lioness Quartet, The Secret Garden, Jane Slayre, Anne of Green Gables, The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe

Ruby: Ginger, Ginger!

Ginger: What?

Ruby: First of all, I’m about to go to a meeting, so I need you to just send me the list. Second, my nieces are 8 and 5. I think Poe might be a bit over their heads right now. And you promised me you would include Laura Ingalls Wilder…

Ginger: She’s on here.

Ruby: Okay. Just send me the list.

Ginger: Right – in what format would you like it? Text, Email or Paper?

Ruby: I really don’t…………what is this “paper” thing you speak of?

Ginger: My cousin thinks it’s an app.

Ruby: It’s outdated technology.

Ginger: Says the woman asking for a list of books for her nieces to read.

Ruby: There are e-readers available.

Ginger: Look, paper is like an app…that you use without your phone. It’s…advanced!

Ruby: It doesn’t take voice commands. It sounds like they’re still developing it.

Ginger: You could probably get used to it. It could be cool. Improvements are always getting added – mostly in appearance or weight, but…I read somewhere that some users can turn it into planes.

Ruby: That’s not a feature; it’s an advanced user capability.

Ginger: Yeah, someone I know turns it into various animals and flowers and even stabilized snowflakes.

Ruby: I’m still not sold on it. Rats! I have to get to the meeting!

Ginger: I’ll just email the list to you.

Ruby: Oh – one more thing…

Ginger: Yes?

Ruby: Don’t include Jane Slayre.

Ginger: I almost got that one past you…

Ruby: No, you didn’t. And if I see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I’m firing you from recommendation duties.

Ginger: ……..fine. An ALTERED LIST will be in your inbox within moments.

Ruby: Thank you. Gotta go.

Ginger: Bye! I miss you already!


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