Hemlocked In the Grove

Ginger: Ruby! I want to date a werewolf!

Ruby: …again?

Ginger: What? I don’t think I’ve ever said that before…

Ruby: No, I’m asking if you binge-watched something that you should have spread out over the course of at least a week…again.

Ginger: Oh. That old question.

Ruby: Yes. That old question.

Ginger: I’m pretty sure you already know the answer, though, so I don’t know why you even bother asking.

Ruby: Why can you be like everyone else this week and only talk about Back to the Future?

Ginger: I re-watched that series last week. I am flabbergasted by the amazing special effects that were put into that – especially considering how far we’ve come with green screen technology!

Ruby: Yet, you didn’t burst into my home last week and insist you want to date a time traveler or that you want to own a DeLorian.

Ginger: …why would I? I just want the hoverboard.

Ruby: You don’t skateboard.

Ginger: True. But…hoverboard.

Ruby: What would you do with it?

Ginger: Look, you’re missing the point.

Ruby: What is the point?

Ginger: I want to date a werewolf! From all the research I’ve put into this, I have discovered they are loyal, good-natured, strong male role models and from all the evidence I’ve seen, really attractive.

Ruby: Every month, they become snarling, hairy, bloodthirsty, ravenous monsters.

Ginger: Nobody’s perfect.


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