Making Acrylic Sheep More Naked

Ginger: Ruby, can I tell you something?

Ruby: You can tell me anything, Ginger.

Ginger: Okay. Here goes… I think Fly is becoming a moth.

Ruby: …try that again?

Ginger: Moths unravel sweaters, right?

Ruby: Moths eat sweaters…well, I think they eat the wool…

Ginger: They don’t just unravel them and hide skeins of wool in secret boxes underneath the couch?

Ruby: …I took up knitting when I watch TV so I don’t feel like a huge vegetable when I watch 8 hours of Doctor Who like my life actually depended on the Doctor saving the world. Again.

Ginger: Oh.

Ruby: I know, I know, you took up knitting, like, two years ago. Where do you think I got the knitting needles?

Ginger: I was wondering where they went…

Ruby: Yeah, we took a vote. It was decided you really shouldn’t have sharp, stabby instruments of any sort in your immediate vicinity when watching TV shows that can upset you.

Ginger: Well, based on what I have seen in the secret compartments underneath your couch, your knitting is not nearly as messy as mine was.

Ruby: You tend to hate patterns.

Ginger: Patterns judge me, Ruby. It’s like they know I can’t keep track of where I left off in the steps.

Ruby: And yet, you contributed to your college’s theatre set building for a solid four years.

Ginger: Power tools don’t judge me.

Ruby: I can’t imagine why we thought you shouldn’t be around knitting needles.

Ginger: Well, if you’re taking up knitting, then I demand a sweater.

Ruby: No.

Ginger: Fine. I demand a Jayne hat.

Ruby: Not this year.

Ginger: Can I demand a scarf?

Ruby: Maybe.

Ginger: I’m trying to help you in your endeavor to keep making acrylic sheep more naked. Why must you put roadblocks in the way of moth-defying-progress?

Ruby: …I…look, Ginger, someone made cookies.

Ginger: Oooh! Cookies!!


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