A Powerful Power Point

Ruby: I don’t care how much effort you put into it, I am not sitting through another of your ludicrous PowerPoint presentations!

Ginger: This isn’t about Firefly!

Ruby: I thought Everything Leads Back To Firefly!

Ginger: …it does, but I didn’t make it obvious in this!

Ruby: I don’t care – you do this every time someone asks you to help them create or clean up or edit or pare down a presentation at your office and then you find all these little tricks in PowerPoint and you create an entire presentation that no one – no one in the world – wants to sit through and then you make ME sit through it!

Ginger: See? You’re agreeing with me – it’s INEVITABLE! You’ll do it eventually! Why not make it easy on both of us and just sit through it now without all the fuss?

Ruby: Because I don’t want to! Go find Elle and make her listen to your crazy theories for once!

Ginger: She’s out with Buddy! You’re here! My PowerPoint is here! You know it will happen eventually anyway! You practically admitted it moments ago!

Ruby: …what is it called?

Ginger: ‘Ripping Through The Ripper Case: A Detailed Look At London’s Most Famous Serial Killer.’

Ruby: ………..NO.

Ginger: Oh, come on, I bring in theories from all over the world!

Ruby: First? A single Wikipedia article does not qualify as “bringing in theories from all over the world.”

Ginger: But, people from all over the world can contribute to it…

Ruby: Second? I am not sitting through your latest obsession with Jack the Ripper.

Ginger: You told me to stop reading about Lizzie Borden.

Ruby: Third? NO.

Ginger: But I worked hard on this!

Ruby: Oh, I’m sorry – was it hard to pull images from the internet of Homer Simpson with mutton chops?

Ginger: …did you peek at my presentation when I was in the bathroom?

Ruby: I’m not interested in your PowerPoint on Jack the Ripper. I’m not sitting through your presentation on a serial killer. I’m not kidding.

Ginger: But I worked really hard on this and I want to show someone who will appreciate it…

Ruby: I will do anything else this afternoon.

Ginger: Well…if you won’t sit through my presentation…

Ruby: I won’t.

Ginger: And you’re up for anything else…

Ruby: …waitaminnut…

Ginger: There’s a GHOST WALK starting JUST DOWN THE STREET!! It’s the last one of the season! Come on, Ruby! Let’s go! I signed us up as soon as I saw the poster!! It’ll be so much fun!!!

Ruby: …so, the Jack the Ripper presentation is off the table?

Ginger: GHOST WALK. Your shoes are already on. Let’s go!

Ruby: …if I promise to sing along once with the theme song, can we skip both options and just watch Firefly?

Ginger: EVERYTHING LEADS BACK TO FIREFLY! Even the ghost walk. Let’s go!!!


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