The Real Question Is: Where Do I Put the Star Destroyers?

Ruby: Ginger, what are you doing?

Ginger: Not much. Why? What are you doing?

Ruby: I’m trying to figure out why you’re holding a marker and my laptop bag.

Ginger: …what are your top five conclusions so far?

Ruby: One, you’re drawing on my laptop bag. Two, you’re writing my name or your name or Fly’s name on my laptop bag. Three, you’re drawing on my laptop bag. Four, you’re putting markers into my laptop bag. Five, you’re drawing on my laptop bag.

Ginger: …that’s not actually five conclusions. You said drawing on the laptop bag three times.

Ruby: It’s almost like I’ve met you.

Ginger: Well, you’re in luck. I was drawing on your laptop bag.

Ruby: How is that “in luck?”

Ginger: Your laptop bag is now one of a kind. You’ll be able to spot it in a crowded room immediately. And it’s stylish.

Ruby: You drew the Millennium Falcon on it.

Ginger: And Serenity. And the Enterprise. And the Milano. And the Raza. See? Your bag is officially one of a kind. It has all the cool spaceships on it.

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: And, if you look on the side here, I also included a TARDIS.

Ruby: Why would you do this?

Ginger: Because you like Doctor Who…?

Ruby: No, not the TARDIS, why would you draw spacecraft all over my laptop bag?

Ginger: I thought it was obvious.

Ruby: It’s not!

Ginger: A century ago, computers weren’t more than a concept developed by philosophers, mathematicians and Lord Byron’s daughter. The first computer ever built took up an entire building and its processing capabilities were considered revolutionary and today seem archaic. Thirty years ago, a personal computer required floppy disks to run a program and ten years ago, a laptop was as heavy as my copy of the complete works of Shakespeare. Today, your laptop bag holds a laptop, an eReader, your tablet of choice, seven pens, a small paper notebook and your iPhone and it still weighs less than your travel suitcase does when it’s empty. You live in the space age – why shouldn’t your laptop bag point everyone to the truth? We live in a time of holograms, video messaging, internet, moving pictures at the touch of a button, voice-activated entertainment, and space travel! Enjoy when you live! Embrace the technology!

Ruby: …you thought it was your laptop bag, didn’t you?

Ginger: I did.

Ruby: My empty travel suitcase weighs more than my full laptop bag.

Ginger: I was really just throwing words together. Even I was surprised it made any sense.

Ruby: I am really proud of you for knowing Ada Lovelace was Lord Byron’s daughter, though.

Ginger: People don’t know that?

Ruby: The things you know and assume the rest of the world also knows could fill my travel suitcase and laptop bag.

Ginger: Is this when you tell me you don’t know which spaceship is the Milano and which one is the Raza?

Ruby: It is.

Ginger: Hey, Ruby?

Ruby: Yes, Ginger?

Ginger: Wanna trade laptop bags?

Ruby: Yes, Ginger.

Ginger: Good, because I really want to draw a Borg cube in the corner and a Stargate underneath the TARDIS…

Ruby: Don’t forget the Heart of Gold. You have to get Douglas Adams in there somewhere.

Ginger: Good point…


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