Ho, Ho, Ho…

Ruby: We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Elle: Aw, that’s so nice of you!

Fly: Now bring us some figgy pudding!

Ruby: Wait, what?

Elle: Um…

Ginger: We won’t go until we get some!

Ruby: Yes, yes, we will. We were just supposed to drop off the presents, not demand food.

Fly: That’s not nearly as much fun.

Ginger: Or filling.

Elle: I don’t have figgy pudding…will a granola bar each work, instead?

Ruby: You don’t have to give us anything…we’re just dropping off the presents. We have a busy schedule.

Fly: We could make some time for figgy pudding, though.

Ginger: You seriously only have granola bars?

Elle: What do you want me to say? I’m leaving this afternoon to spend the holidays with family…the fridge is devoid of food items.

Ruby: We completely understand – have a safe and wonderful trip, Elle!

Elle: Thank you – Ginger, what is that?

Ginger: What?

Fly: I told you she’d ask. No one understands.

Ginger: This is Santa the Hutt. He says “Ho, ho, ho” and spreads Christmas cheer to all on Tattooine every year.

Ruby: She took her Jabba the Hutt toy from her childhood and made a Santa Claus outfit for it and has been carrying it around with her everywhere since she saw the new movie.

Fly: Since she won’t explain herself, we’re assuming she’s trying to express that she enjoyed the movie, but doesn’t trust herself to not spoil something in it.

Ginger: I did say there are no Hutts in the new movie…

Ruby: She did say that.

Fly: But that’s all she says, other than the creepy version of “Ho, Ho, Ho.”

Elle: It’s Ginger. We’ll allow it.

Ruby: Especially since she stopped singing Krampus Karols…

Elle: I don’t want to know.

Fly: Neither did we.


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